Nam Phu Villas

25 Jul

– Located in Nam Long Trade – Service – Tan Thuan Dong urbanization area, enabled to use all services and modern infrastructure of an area of 28 hectares

– Yard and garden in three sides, adjacent to riverside park, enjoying fresh air and excellent natural landscape.

– The area is isolated, absolutely secured and has parks and internal marina.
Construction site:

The land is in North East of Nam Long – Tan Thuan Dong residential area.

– The North borders Ben Ngua canal.
– The South is adjacent to planning road.
– The East is contiguous to Tac Roi canal.
– The West borders existing residential area and medical and educational complex.

Characteristics of the site – design – construction:

Located at the great beautiful site of Nam Long – Tan Thuan Dong urbanization area, adjacent to riverside park, infrastructure is completely constructed including asphalt spread road, curb, drainage system, green tree and lighting system…. This is a modern architecture community, constructed as an accent on architecture form and planning of the whole area.

Every villa comprise the ground-floor, entresol, first floor and attic having 2 garden and yard, garage, separate swimming pool, lounge, 4 bedrooms, living room …reasonably designed and ventilated.


Nam Long – Tan Thuan Dong Service – Trade City is planned as functional subregion: service and trade downtown, luxury apartment building area, restaurant and hotel complex, and luxury villa area, … with adequate and complete utilities for activities: supermarket, gym and sport area, nursery, school, medical station and ecopark.,…

In addition, Nam Long – Tan Thuan Dong Service – Trade City is supported by major works as: International School, Phap – Viet Hospital, Southern Administration Center…

Source: Nam Long – Website:

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