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Decorating an apartment

21 Oct
The interior is scarce, the terrace overlooking the sea, it has few closets, tiny kitchen, two small bedrooms and your friends are delighted you invite them over.

It is the small vacation apartment, in which we will be immensely happy because being there signifies the freedom from the alarm clock, changing the umbrella for sunglasses and putting aside your diet.

The first rule to follow when we have to decorate a summer apartment, is that everything must be small, fold away, and should be hidden, as to not overwhelm the small space.

Surely the bedrooms are small, and you should furnish them keeping in mind that you must include closets and beds for the inhabitants and their friends. In this case, the solution to include additional beds without overwhelming the space is the placement of bunk beds. These can also be folding, which will clear the room once they are put away, allowing for more space for other activities.

Surely you will also not have much space in the living room or on the terrace to place a large dining room table, but the typical summer paellas tend to bring together friends and strangers around it. Book, fold-away and expendable tables will enable us to bring together all our friends, and in turn, we could put them away in a corner to clear the environment when not in use.

The kitchen is usually an annex to the living room, united or separated by a serving bar or mixed counter top.We will not have much space, but as we already know guests will appear out of thin air, so appliances must be the same as in a home of daily use. For this reason, there are many appliances in the market that are small in size, which will enable us to take a small sample of all of them, facilitating the work in the kitchen.

The living room can become a makeshift guest room if we have the foresight to place a sofa bed in it. Far from the torture of sleeping in a sofa many years ago, today there are certain models that can be used as a daily bed. In which the kind of mattress is up to the consumer, and their opening is done effortlessly.

The bathroom is usually not very big, however, there are many tasks performed there. One way to get more space for each one, is to eliminate the shower plate, in exchange for a working shower. This way the bathroom floor will be a huge shower when we are using it, but at other times, it will form part of the floor, allowing us better mobility of the space.

Fortunately, the summer apartments, count with the added space of the terrace, an extension of the interior, which sometimes can function as a second living room, or as an dditional dining room where almost all the good times of summer are spent. Must be why we don’t complain about the tight sleeping arrangements.

Source: Made in Deco

Room colors

21 Oct
While most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about room color, it affects every day of our lives. Room color can influence our mood and our thoughts. Colors affect people in many ways, depending upon one’s age, gender, ethnic background or local climate. Certain colors or groups of colors tend to get a similar reaction from most people – the overall difference being in the shade or tones used. So it’s important to choose wisely.

Color has the power to change the shape and size of furnishings as well as the shape and size of the room itself. However, selecting colors is not difficult if you equip yourself with some basic information about color and its effects, so let’s find more about room colors, and how these affect your mood.

Paint is a fairly inexpensive way and transforms a room more quickly than anything else you can do so you can afford to experiment a little.

Understand that colors behave in three basic ways: active, passive, and neutral, and you can easily match every room’s colors to your personal desires and taste and to the room’s purpose. Light colors are expansive and airy, they make rooms seem larger and brighter. Dark colors are sophisticated and warm; they give large rooms a more intimate appearance.

Red raises a room’s energy level. It’s a good choice when you want to stir up excitement, particularly at night. In the living room or dining room, red draws people together and stimulates conversation. In an entryway, it creates a strong first impression. Red has been shown to raise blood pressure, speed respiration and heart rate. It is usually considered too stimulating for bedrooms, but if you’re only in the room after dark, you’ll be seeing it mostly by lamplight, when the color will appear muted, rich, and elegant. Red, the most intense, pumps the adrenaline like no other hue.

Crimson can make some people feel irritable. With red invoking feels of rage and hostility is a color that should be avoided as the main color of a room. Sitting for long periods of time in a room this color will likely breakdown any peace and harmony you are striving to create in your home. Ancient cultures used the color red to stimulate the body and mind and to increase circulation.
Yellow captures the joy of sunshine and communicates happiness. It’s perfect for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, where happy color is energizing and uplifting. In halls, entries, and small spaces, yellow can feel expansive and welcoming.Yellow although is a cheery color is not a good choice in main color schemes of a room. People are more likely to lose their tempers in a yellow room. Babies also seem to cry more in a yellow room. This color tends to create feeling of frustration and anger in people. This color is the most fatiguing on the eyes.In chromotherapy yellow was believed to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.
Blue brings down blood pressure and slows respiration and heart rate. That’s why it’s considered calming, relaxing, and serene, and is often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. Be careful, however: A pastel blue that looks pretty on the paint chip can come across as unpleasantly chilly when it’s on the walls and furnishings, especially in a room that receives little natural light. If you opt for a light blue as the primary color in a room, balance it with warm hues in the furnishings and fabrics.

To encourage relaxation in the rooms where people gather family rooms, living rooms, large kitchens consider warmer blues, such as periwinkle, or bright blues, such as cerulean or turquoise. Blue is known to have a calming effect when used as the main color of a room. When going with blue go for softer shades of blue. Dark blue has the opposite effect. Dark blue evokes feels of sadness. So refrain from using darker blues in your main color scheme. Stay with the lighter shades of blue to give you and your loved ones a calm effect.

Green is considered the most restful color for the eye. Combining the refreshing quality of blue and the cheerfulness of yellow, green is suited to almost any room in the house. In a kitchen, a sage or medium green cools things down; in a family room or living room, it encourages unwinding but has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness. In a bedroom, it’s relaxing and pleasant.Green also has a calming effect when used as a main color for decorating. It is believed to relieve stress by helping people relax. Also believed to help with fertility this is a great choice for the bedroom.

Purple in its darkest values (eggplant, for example) is rich, dramatic, and sophisticated. It’s associated with luxury as well as creativity, and as an accent or secondary color, it gives a scheme depth. Lighter versions of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly.

Orange evokes excitement, enthusiasm and is an energetic color. While not a good idea for a living room or for bedrooms, this color is great for an exercise room. It will bring all the emotions out that you need when jumping into your fitness routine. In ancient cultures orange was used to heal the lungs and increase energy levels.

Neutrals (black, gray, white, and brown) are basic to the decorator’s tool kit. All-neutral schemes fall in and out of fashion, but their virtue lies in their flexibility: Add color to liven things up; subtract it to calm things down. Black is best used in small doses as an accent , indeed, some experts maintain that every room needs a touch of black to ground the color scheme and give it depth.

To make the job easier, you can rely on the interior designer’s most important color tool: the color wheel. Remember that color choice is a very personal matter. You’re the one who has to live with your new paint color, so choose a hue that suits you, your family and your lifestyle. And after investing time to select just the right color, make sure it continues to look that way long-term by investing in a top quality paint.

Source: Freshome

Binh Minh Residence

19 Oct
– Strategy location of Mekong Delta River
– Roadway: near Can Though Bridge and links the provinces in Mekong Delta River
– Waterway: Bin Mina Port is the important traffic line linking the areas inside and outside Vietnam.
– Convenience infrastructure, a lot of trading – service constructions including: school, Commercial Center, Port, Industrial Park, etc…


– The residential area of Binh Minh : 30ha


– It is convenient with traffic system, electric, water, telecommunication, waste water treatment, etc…


– Terraced house: 5x18m – 5x25m Riverside villas: 273m2 – 554m2

Please contact Mr. Tam through the contact information listed on this page for further information.

Address: My Hoa, Binh Minh Dist, Vinh Long Province
Phone: 0984 673 674

The EverRich

19 Oct
Located at intersection of district 5, 6, 10, 11 and Tan Binh district, The EverRich is consider an ideal place for successful persons. At here, you can enjoys best facilities and services, just 3 – 8 minutes to Tan Son Nhat Airport, Le Hong Phong High School, Polytechnic College, Cho Ray Hospital, An Dong Trading Center and Cho Lon, Ky Hoa Entertainment, Phu Tho Sport Center which especially adjacent to one top racecourse of Vietnam.

Community of the building is designed synchronic, modern and clear on a plan of 3.55 ha, The EverRich, a luxurious Apartments and Trading Center, is a harmony of sigh and city’s beauty, is a center point of busy, longstanding residence of the city. The EverRich is 112m high (not includes 2 basements) comprise 5 floors for Trading Center with 24,000 sq. m, 20 floors with 62,020 sq. m for apartments (from 110 sq. m – 500 sq. m). The EverRich has over 300 luxurious apartments of all kinds.

Besides 5 floors for modern trading center, The EverRich includes other services satisfying a luxurious living style as the following:

– bar-restaurant area

– beauty care, gymnasium

– camera system, 24/24 hour-professional security system

– perfect infomation technology system

All the services were design with modern standard, which promote the quality and image of The EverRich.

Extra Details:

The EverRich has Phat Dat Real Estate and Construction Joint Stock Company as the sole developer. At the moment, Phat Dat company – The developer- is selling the rest 20% of office area of the building.

For further informations, please contact:

Address: 3/2 – Le Dai Hanh, Dist 11, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: (84-8) 8641 595

The Splendor

19 Oct

Splendor is located in Nguyen Van Dung street (100m from Nguyen Oanh street), Go Vap district and adjacent to river. It is on the key route to districts’central areas, to Tan Son Nhat airport and to Trans-Asia road to such provinces as Binh Duong, Dong Nai and West ones.

Development’s scale:

Total land area: 4,606 sq.m.

Construction area: 1,930 sq.m.

+ Block A: 1,061 sq.m (occupy 42%).

Different areas: 76.92 sq.m; 78.96 sq.m; 79.20 sq.m; 79.89 sq.m; 80.39 sq.m; 80.93 sq.m; 82.11 sq.m; 85.74 sq.m; 111.1 sq.m

+ Block B: 869 sq.m.

Different areas: 76.80 sq.m ; 78.96 sq.m; 79.89 sq.m ; 80.17 sq.m ; 82.11 sq.m; 85.74 sq.m ; 111.1 sq.m.

Each block comprises a basement, 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine, 11 upstairs floors and technical floor.

Total construction floor (exclusive of basement and technical floor): 24.334 sq.m.

Number of apartments: 206 apartments.

Number of apartment/floor: 10 apartments (block A), 8 apartments (block B).

The development has the total investment capital of 200 billion VND and has Tan Ky Joint Stock Company and Thanh Nhut Limited Company as the developer. It is predicted that The Splendor will have completed by 2009.

The estimated price for sale at the moment is from 15,2 to 16,9 million VND/sq.m.

For more information to buy Splendor Phase II, contact:

APHG Marketing and Management Company
Address: 26 Dang Thi Nhu, Nguyen Thai Binh ward, District 1
Tel: (08)914.6666 – 0906 432 673 Hoang Dung
Hostline: 0902 777 177 Ms Huong.

The Long Chau Villas & Residences

19 Oct
The Long Chau was located on an area of 303.3 hectares in Ha Long Bay. This will be a perfect complex including beautiful luxurious villas on the Bay, next-door 18 hole golf course on the beach, the Marina Yatch, beaches, 5 star hotel, trading center, entertainment area and deluxe apartments along the sea.

The development has an investment capital of 5,677 billion VND with its developer T&H Ha Long Invesment Company.

It was constructed into such 2 areas as Big Dragon and Golf Course and designed by Italian G.F.C SRL Construction Architecture Company and under the management of CBRE.


Location: Quang Ninh.
Group: Hotel/Restaurant/Resort/Office/Trading Center/Apartment
Total area: 303.3 hectares
Investment Capital: 5677 billion VND
Started date: 2003
Completed Estimated Date: 2010
Developer: Tuan Chau group and T&H Ha Long Invesment Company.

Contact Information:

Tuan Chau Group
No. 1 – Tuan Chau Island – Ha Long city – Quang Ninh province
ĐT: 84.33.842 134-033.842 150- Fax: 84.33.842119.

Decorating small spaces

19 Oct
Trying to store all our belongings in our homes becomes a problem as time goes on. Furniture design plays a key role in organizing the order of each item. Clothing for different seasons, books, travel souvenirs, gifts..they all need a place of their own.


In small spaces, built-in closets are a great option. They have the same capacity as any other closet, but because they are housed between walls, they take up a lot less visual space in the decoration. Moreover, in comparison to a stand alone closet, the built-in closets are custom made, so that the loss of inches on the sides or on top are completely avoidable.


Whether its the master bedroom or a child’s room, the space left under the bed is perfect for storing large objects that we do not use on a regular basis. In several stores you can find lift or store beds in which you could place the mattress on top and have space underneath to place suitcases, blankets….In a bedroom with a child’s decoration, drawers can be used, but there are also several designs that allow us to store a bicycle, old junk, you don’t know where to place, which usually takes up space in the entryway or the hallways, obstructing the space.

The same applies to sofas, besides turning into beds if we so desire, the models that have a chaise longe module, not only have an attractive aesthetics and are comfortable but can also turn in to storage.

Versatile furniture

When space is limited, it is common to have to temporally move the furniture to open a sofa- bed or to reach a closet. Furniture with wheels allow us fast, comfortable mobility with little effort.

Suspended ceilings

The entry way or hallways are spaces that allow a reduced height. We can create a wood suspended ceiling. Placing a sliding door that gives access to the interior, this will be the perfect hideout for our “secrets”.

Auxiliary furniture

The center table or the foot of the bed can be replaced by trunks or chests. In the event that we also use them as seats, we just have to place a comfortable cushion to make them more comfortable.

There is a new air in furniture design, we are traveling towards versatility, functionality, comfort…Today, furniture comes to our homes to make our lives easier, without forgetting that the aesthetics will also make us feel better.

Sensitive to the problems caused by lack of space, here at madeindeco we offer you some tricks to gain space or at least make it seem that way.


Our greatest allies to gaining space, giving life and movement to walls creating a sense of visual breadth. Placing them opposite light will make the light multiply by two. Placed in closet doors, it will release the visual space, usually constrained by size of the closet, and having a mirror close by the dressing area is a very practical and useful resource.


In small spaces illumination is essential. At the time of designing the interior layout of spaces we should always keep in mind the position of the sun, and destine the most sunny areas, to the area of the day. As far as artificial light is concerned, faced with the lack of space, we should stay away from the placement of foot of hanging lamps, with wall appliqués, the ceiling panels or indirect light in any version, we will achieve better ample options and space.


On occasion, the doors are the main causes of lost space within our home, since we must leave the surrounding are free for its movement. In these cases, sliding doors are the best solution to gaining space, we could even opt for crystal doors, which on one side are a mirror impeding visualization of what is going on in the interior of the bedroom, therefore, allowing the passage of light so important to these spaces, but maintaining the level of privacy that a bedroom requires.


From the colors of the walls will depend to a large extend the feeling of space and light. In those walls on which the light particularly shines, it is recommended to use light colors, therefore increasing if at all possible the illuminating sensation. If the front of a room or a hallway is specially narrow, we could use the attractive resource of stripes. Placed in a horizontal manner, covering the narrow walls of the space, we get the desired effect.


The abundance of the fabric covering the windows give a sensation that the walls are coming towards us , and that behind those curtains, we are hiding an area between 15 and 20 centimeters until we reach the window. Japanese panels or blinds are the best aesthetic resource, that will make our windows perfectly decorated without losing centimeters.

Source: Made in Deco