Diamond Island

6 Sep

Architectural statement

Situated in one of the most attractive and interesting site in Ho Chi Minh City, Diamond Island has the rare advantage of close proximity to the city business center and at the same time a secluded natural environment with uninterrupted views to the Saigon River and to the old Ho Chi Minh City.

Starting with no preconceptions, Arata Isozaki & Associates developed an environmental and completely new approach to residential design. Integrating and utilizing the natural attributes of the site such as breezes, river views and water on all sides, a new prototype for high end residential buildings and living has been created.

The entire project will be constructed on a green elevated mound which will hide all parking and services while elevating the residential area and creating a large green park to the benefit of the residents. With clean & modern interior layouts, all residential units are to enjoy a minimum of three unique views to the Saigon River and the surrounding, a porous facade and maximum privacy.

Arata Isozaki & Associates truly believes Diamond Island will become a new architectural icon for Ho Chi Minh City and an example for the possibilities of forward thinking & green design.

Redefining Exclusivity

With internationally recognized architects Arata Isozaki & Associates (Japan) and Ho Thieu Tri & Associates (France-Vietnam) combined with leading experts in their field such as Bouygues Construction (France), Meinhardt International (Australia), Surbana (Singapore), our projects reflect the highest international quality standards and innovations.

Diamond Island is an exclusive waterfront community located on a unique island site and only 10 minutes from Saigon city pier. Surrounded by exceptional river views and vast green landscapes, this unique development offers luxury apartments, premium sky villas, an exclusive yachting club, Boutique hotel, tennis courts, swimming pools, kindergarten, promenade and marina view fine dining restaurants. All for the exclusive use of this privileged and private community.

Total area: 8.6 hectares
Total built space: 200,000 m2
Estimated construction cost: US$ 200 million
Expected completion: 2011.

Source: Binh Thien An REC

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