Furama Villas Danang

16 Nov

Furama Villas is an expansion project by Furama towards the south, close to the Danang City center, covering over one kilometre of prime beach frontage and on the “Five-Star” road stretchung from Furama Resort Danang to Marble Mountains and Hoi An ancient town. The Furama Villas vill be a beautiful complex of villas with private pools and luxurious beach access as well as other services and facilities such ad 5-Star restaurants, bars and clubs. Being in the city, Furama Villas has the unique advantage and capacity for creating a new lifestyle for successful people in this green beach city.

Owners at Furama Villas can enjoy a luxurious vacation with family and friends and at the same time have the potential for income when they become shareholders of Furama Resort is a stable and efficient business which has connection with over 500 hotels and travel agencies around the world.

Danang’s rapit economic growth and increasing number of tourists coupled with over 10 years of resort management are just some of the many factors that ensure prospective owners tha Furama Villas are a sound investment oppotunity.

The Furama Villas occupy 17% of the total development area, surrounded by plush gardens and nutural beachfront vegetation. All are situated in different locations throughout the project, close to the beach or nearby Furama Resort to take advantage of the garden and its green and natural space. Within the fresh enviroment, owners of Furama Villas will love to gather with their community and enhoy a peaceful living environment.

The red-tiled roofs the villas a distinctive Asian charater influenced by the architectures of the royal temples and palace. The sustaintable materials from which the Furama Villas is constructed from includes: ratan, wood and stone bringing to the Villas a luxurious, unique and impressive beauty. The lavish interiors and state-of-the-art facilities help the owner and guests enjoy the villas.

Each individual villa has been named after gem stones: Diamond Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire and Quartz. The names of the villas will be a lucky gem which will bring owners good fortune and happiness.

Furama Resort Danang will take on the management of Furama Villas, where villa owners can enter into an argreement to rent out their properties for a share of profits. They will be clients as well as partners of Furama Villas and its management program. The villas offer owners their own space on a beautiful stretch of beach, where they can enjoy a luxurious vacation with family and friends and be guaranteed a red housing certificate and the chance to do business with the Furama Resort.

The potential of Danang’s economic development and tourism, its advantageous location, the Furama Resort Danang’s brand with stable flow of guests and its rich experience in managing the five-star Resort are all factors that guarantee owners an annual income and capital gain from their investment in Furama Villas.


Diamond Villas are the most luxurious villas of the Furama Villas project, located directly on the beach. Their modern interiors are made from traditional materials which allow natural sunlight to gently brighten up every corner of the room. The harmony of colour in the room will make your soul sparkle like a diamond.


Pearl Villas are the pearl of the sea where you will find perfection. The principle colours in the room consist of off-white, ivory and pure white. All of the rooms are designed with simplistic luxury in mind open to the sun and brilliant seascape.


Located among pines and coconut trees, the Ruby Villas will encompass a romantic setting identified by rich architectures. You are sure to fall in love with Ruby Villas’ kitchen and dinning room adorned with modern facilities and natural wood. Ruby Villas also feature a rooftop terrace where you can relax and enjoy a soothing ocean breeze on a star-lit night. You will feel clearer and wiser at Ruby Villas.


Sapphire Villas lie among the beautiful green foliage of the trees, flying clouds and the soft waves of Danang’s bright blue sea. The open space absorbs the natural air and light to create a warm atmosphere for your home. In one corner, a water feature creates a soothing ambience with flowing water running softly over smooth pebbles. Large mirrors in the room create a sense of space and opulence decorating the room.


Quartz Villas are located on My Khe Beach, adjectcent to Son Tra Dien Ngoc Road providing you with a breathtaking panorama of the creamy white beach that streches all the way from Son Tra Penninsula to Hoi An. Quartz Villas are designed with class and sophistication in mind and are sure to fill you with serenity each time you step in the door.

Facilities & Services

– Gymnasium area
– Sauna – Massage – Jacuzzi
– Bar area
– Restaurant
– Billiard area and other facilities
– Tennis

Besides Furama Villas’ facilities and services. their residents are also able to enjoy many of the available services at Furama Resort Danang which includes two outdoor swimming pools, bars and lounges which open until 2.00am, luxurious restaurants offering Asian and Western cuisines, experienced and profestional staff, a kid club with fun activities for children, a gym and spa facilities. We are sure that you will have a relaxing time at Furama Villas!

Furama Villas

– The first sounds i hear when i wake up are the ocean waves outside my door Furama Villas!
– The first thing i see is the dawn gently wiping the dew from the grass and the flowers by the terrace.
– Nature, the freshness of the sea, opens my heart. The feeling of a lust for life, a love for others.
– Furama Villas – Life! – Souls turned to music and poetry.

For further information, please contact:

Furama Villas Danang
Add: 68 Ho Xuan Huong Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City
Tel: 84.511.395 6666 – Fax: 84.511.395 6667
Hotline: 098 300 6666 – Email: Salesdanang@furama-villas.com

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