Hanoi Landmark Tower – Update for July

17 Jul
Vnre.blogspot.comHanoi Landmark Tower is a supertall skyscraper under construction in Pham Hung Boulevard, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

This tower is part of a complex of residences and office towers, including a 70-story office tower with the height of 336 m and two 47-story residence towers. The compound is located on an area of 46,000m2 and the total floor area is 579,000 m2, ranking 5th for the floor area of a single building in the world. The investor of this complex is a South Korea-based Keangnam. The investment capital for this complex is estimated US$ 1.05 billion.

According to the master plan, this complex features a 5-star hotel, offices, entertainment areas, retail spaces, clinics, convention centers, and is scheduled to be completed by 2010. Upon completion, Hanoi Landmark Tower will be the world’s 17th highest building, and will be the highest building in Vietnam.

-> Hanoi Landmark Tower


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