Bourbon An Hoa – TransAsia Industrial Garden: Underscoring Environmental Protection

5 Nov
VNREWith an ambition to build a nature-close industrial park in a favourable location in Mekong Delta economic subregion, the first green, environment-friendly industrial park in Vietnam – Bourbon An Hoa – is catching the attention of investors.
Green, environment friendly industrial park

To awaken potential and strengths in Tay Ninh province, Bourbon Tay Ninh Corporation joined forces with Long Hau Joint Stock Company and Viet Au Joint Stock Company to build a green, environment friendly industrial park. To highlight the ambition of developing industry sustainably and protecting the natural environment, the investors decided to name the project Bourbon An Hoa – TransAsia Industrial Garden.

Bourbon An Hoa – TransAsia Industrial Garden has a total area 1,020 ha, of which nearly 760 ha are industrial land, 184 ha are ports and warehouses, and 76 ha for resettlement areas. Each project is allowed to use only 70 of land for factory construction and grow trees on the remaining 30 . The project was kicked off in January 2009 but the land clearance and compensation were completed very quickly.

The green area makes up 30 of the land. With its clear principle of building a green, environment friendly industrial park, the investors actively persuaded project-concerned parties to protect the green zone and the environment. The company also encouraged local people to keep their trees in the project area after they gave up the land for the project. In 2009, Bourbon An Hoa Joint Stock Company also collaborated with the An Hoa Commune People’s Committee to launch the “Keep trees – win prizes” campaign worth over VND400 million.

In addition to the green area, the industrial garden is also known for its wastewater treatment facilities with a daily capacity of 40,000 cubic metres. Wastewater will be treated in accordance with Grade A requirements (wastewater is treated to the degree that it is drinkable). The industrial park is expected to house producers of consumer goods, cosmetics and home decorations.

Attractive to investors

Bourbon An Hoa – TransAsia Industrial Garden is located in An Hoa commune, Trang Bang district, Tay Ninh province on the Trans-Asia Highway which links Ho Chi Minh City with Moc Bai International Border Gate to Cambodia. Favourable infrastructures enable investors to access material sources in the country and in the region more easily. Besides, with its proximity with the Vam Co Dong River, tenants can use the waterways to reach Saigon Port and Bourbon – Ben Luc Port. With this position, the Bourbon An Hoa Industrial Garden has become a gatherer of economic resources.

Apart from a convenient location, the garden is also widely known for its preferential tax and human resources policies and its service manner to customers. With its efforts to attract investments and create favourable conditions for investors to do business, Bourbon An Hoa has to date attracted 11 new investors with registered capital of nearly US$20 million from Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and other nations.

Mr Philip Lombard, General Director of Bourbon An Hoa Joint Stock Company, said Bourbon An Hoa will step up investment promotion activities in the coming time to lure investors from ASEAN member countries, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. The industrial park also has associated with central industrial parks in the region.

Also according to Mr Phillip Lombard, in addition to building and implementing the ISO 14000 programme for environmental protection, in September 2010, Bourbon An Hoa Joint Stock Company officially became a member of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) and joined the VGBC Foundation to support green projects in the country.

At present, Bourbon An Hoa is building the Green School – a green-oriented school. This is the first school to apply the VGBC’s LOTUS score sheets and focus on environmental protection. The company will continue convincing people to protect trees around the industrial park and host a ceremony to grant awards to outperforming families. The cost is estimated to reach VND500 million.

The presence of green, environment friendly industry is essential when Vietnam is dealing with difficult matters like air pollution and water pollution. The success of the policy is playing important role in lifting up services and quality at Vietnamese industrial parks to a new high.

Reported by Anh Dao

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