Tien Giang Golf & Resort

15 Dec
VNREThe project’s name is Tien Giang Golf & Resort with total area of 270 ha, including 36-hole golf course, and seven different areas involving water park, the area of hotels and 5 star restaurants, the area of office – workplace, shopping area; the area of schools and hospitals; Villa area.

All areas are connected perfectly, making you enjoy throughout the day and not feel be interrupted. All of them will bring you a completely new experience.

Golf Course : 36-hole golf course

Area no.1: Fairway villa/ Villa Golf view

Area no.2: Town house/ Low-rising appartment

Area no.3: Villa 1,2/ School and Hospital

Area no.4: High-rising appartment/ Central park

Area no.5: Villa 3,4 / Park/ Sports/ Road

Area no.6: Hotel/ Office/ Comercial center

Area no.7: International school/ Water park

For further information, please contact:

Genuwin D&C Co., Ltd
Add: Room 4.7B, E-town1 building, Cong Hoa Street,
Tan Binh District, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3812 2775 – Email: sales@genuwindnc.com

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