Vietnam to be next property hotspot

25 Jan
VNREViet Nam would be among the top five emerging real estate markets for investment this year, according to the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (FIRE) based in the US.

Brazil, China and India dominate the market (in that order), but Viet Nam, unranked in 2010, jumped to the fourth position. Mexico ranked fifth, losing last year’s position to Viet Nam. Russia, which has been amongst the top five for the last two years, dropped to the tenth place.

Peter Ryder, general director of Indochina Capital, which currently has several real estate projects under construction in Viet Nam, said the recent rise in investment in Viet Nam was due to the rapid growth of the country’s real estate market and the open regulations that allow the participation of foreign investors.

“Viet Nam’s entry at number four in the survey actively demonstrates investors’ belief in the attractive demographics of the country and its stable growth environment from an investment perspective,” said Richard Emerson, head of investment, Savills Viet Nam Ltd Company’s Ha Noi Branch.

Reported by Sarah Kendell | TheMoveChannel

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