Jardine still wants prime site for commercial property

25 May
VNREJardine Matheson, a UK diversified business group that focuses on Asia, is still interested in a prime location in downtown HCMC where it plans to develop a multi-purpose complex.

At his meeting with HCMC vice chairman Nguyen Trung Tin on Monday, Anthony Matheson, CEO and Managing Director of Jardine Matheson Group, repeated a request for prime-site land he made at a meeting with city chairman Le Hoang Quan eight months ago.

“Through the member company of Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited (DFI) that specializes in operating supermarkets, hypermarkets, health and beauty stores, convenience stores, home furnishings stores and restaurants, we’ve developed a major supermarket and retailer chain in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and UAE,” he said.

“In Vietnam, we’ve cooperated with Phu My Hung Corporation to develop the Crescent Mall in District 7,” said Matheson.

Speaking to Matheson, Tin noted the city already had many store chains including Metro, Big C, Lotte and Co.opMart. “Jardine should look at other areas than the central business district, especially the Thu Thiem New Urban Area (District 2) and the city’s northern gateway in Cu Chi District.”

As for the planned multi-purpose complex project, Matheson said his company wanted to develop it at 164 Dong Khoi Street in District 1. The project will include a shopping center, 5-star hotel, apartments and offices for rent.

However, Tin said, the central Government, not the city, could only decide this. The Government may invite tenders for this location or appoint a competent investor to develop it, he said.

The 9,700-square-meter site in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral and Metropolitan building is divided in two parts, comprising a French-style building that is used as the head office of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and a 2,600-square-meter area that is home to 154 households.

About 66 local and foreign investors also want to bid for the location.

Reported by Kinh Luan | The Saigon Times


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