Vietsin D7 Retail Mall

18 Nov

VNRE – VCCD Vietsin commercial complex development envisions the Vietsin Saigon South Commercial development in District 07 HCMC to be an international standard mixed use development. It will be designed with four towers and one office building as a leader in the retail and leisure sector setting the benchmark for future building design and performance in Vietnam. A landmark retail and lifestyle destination, this retail destination positions itself as the destination of choice for local and surrounding districts of HCMC.

The concept brings together:

The skypark – This unique outdoor environment is situated on the roof of the centre spanning over an acre of layered rooftops, offering leisure and dining experiences amongst a green space including: Amphitheatres, children’s play zones and water environments where you can rest and replenish.The Skypark cultivates a green ethos, harnessing nature’s energy and becomes the leader of Vietnam’s alternative energy landscape.

The media wall – a semi translucent back-lit, frameless, glass system which can include lighting, pattern, media, and signage applications.

The Bracelet – A living skin which dances, reflects and metamorphosis into an embracing iconic form. From day to night the building transforms, offering the visitor a varied experience.

SWA Vietnam associate with HOK.

Source: SWA Vietnam

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