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Fusion Alya Lagi – Paradise Resort

15 Jan
VNREFusion Alya Lagi project, Binh Thuan is located on the Lagi coast, designed standard and arranged in the vast and pure natural landscape.


Fusion Alya Lagi is far from Ho Chi Minh City about 170 kilometers along National Highway 1A, Vung Tau city is about 80km and Da Lat city is about 200 km along Highway 28.

Fusion Alya Lagi is very close to other tourist projects in Binh Thuan province, such as: Marriott 4-star hotel & resort, Courtyard resort with international standard golf course, Casalle Hill villas & resort …

From the center of project, the owner can easily come to yacht clubs, Thay Thim Palace relic, Hon Ba, Dam Da Dung, Ta Cu Mountain, Mui Ke Ga … and only move about 40 kilometers to Mui Ne – where has the largest gold sand dunes of Southeast Asia.

Project scale

Fusion Alya Lagi is a collection of unique resorts with beautiful ocean landscape, is built on a total area of 11 ha of land. Unique design style, in harmony with the featured wind and the sand of Lagi, Binh Thuan. Whole project has 24 luxury seaview villas with balcony, private swimming pool and 134 apartments are designed elegant in harmony with space in the region.

Design concept

Inspired by the white sand dunes surrounding, architecture of Fusion Alya Lagi is unique and different with graceful arch, flat roofs with the lively sound and flexibility. All elements are designed in harmony with the surrounding landscape, but to optimize the space isolated and peaceful according to Middle East style.

Fusion Alya Lagi converges all gadgets for upstream lifestyle: luxury restaurants, modern entertainment center, 18 hole golf course, and a large swimming pool, superior relaxing spa…

Fusion Alya Lagi is not just place to live, pure resort but also is a protected ecological area in miniature. In the long term, here will retain its environment and fresh air without having to get everywhere.

You don’t need to dream anymore, Fusion Alya Lagi will make your dream come true.

For further information please contact:

Fusion Alya Lagi – Serenity Holdings
Add: 30 Nguyen Van Mai Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh
Tel: 84.8.3948 0905 – Fax: 84.8.3948 0951.

Mui Ne Cactus

11 Jun

Located on Da Ong Dia Beach, the most beautiful beach of Mui Ne, Mui Ne Cactus has a primary location, in 5 star resort community, adjacent to SeaLink 18 hole golf court with international standard. Terrain of project is very special, the back lead on high hill, the front has view to the sea; this promises a stable and prosperous feature for tenants here. Away 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, about 3 hours by car following direction of Northeast, you will have a whole fabulous and marvellous world of your own. In the future, that world will be closer to you when HCMC – Phan Thiet highway and Phan Thiet airport are constructed.

Enjoy wonders of the life

After hard-working days, you, your family and your friends can enjoy flavor of sea-breeze, rest and relax in an environment surrounding by white sand, golden light and blue sea. Mui Ne Cactus is in a group of luxurious resort which link to famous tourist areas as Hon Rom, Cat Bay Hill, Ke Ga Island and other places full of traditional values as Po-Sa-Nu Ancient Tower, Co Thanh Pagoda, Phu Quy Island and etc.

Various facilities connecting

More luxurious is a crowded marina which brings toward a luxurious cruising in the sea, all the interesting and surprise encounters with new friends. Engaging in a challenging water skiing, always seek to conquer the top. In addition, with SeaLink 18 hole goft court, you can experience high-class sport without moving on a long distance. Who said that you would loss your most interesting things when you were away from the city? Every facility is in front of your eyes, you only wake your senses up to feel it. Particularly, security is ensured absolutely with online camera which helps tenants can watch online directly your property situation wherever you are.

Where life blends with nature

With special design like stairs for whole area, wind and natural light is available at each space inside villas. Villas are designed following modern tropical architecture with maximum view to the sea through wide glass windows. Architectural characteristics are lissom and graceful; this style gives each villa airy space but very private; however it still have a warm exchange with surrounding area.

Featured characteristic is design is impression of nobleness and mystery of the Orient. That is opening space with spacious roof, high and low plant barriers surrounding colorful flowers garden. Nothing is better than bringing a glass of champagne when you sit next to the bar with tuneful melody or when you have a heart-to-heart talk about your family, your work on a windy patio.


Pure and peaceful living environment together with luxury and 5 star standards; inside each villa is designed artistically and modernly creating a lively contrastive style and is served with quality and modern services for tenants enjoying life here.

Life at Mui Ne Cactus is processed in relaxing to wonderful moments; each day is an adventurous experience but very romantic. At night, you can deep in sleep peacefully with singing of the sea.

For further information please contact:

Van Dat Investment Service Co., Ltd
Add: 179 Ly Chinh Thang Street, District 3, HCMC.
Tel: 84.8.3931 3411 – Fax: 84.8.3931 3521

The Sentosa Villa

8 Apr

Phan Thiet is the most famous beach resort in Southern Viet Nam with warmly weather. It is really attractive not only to domestic tourists but also to foreigners. Owning forever a second home along the beach is now a common trend. With impressive lifestyle created by unique architecture and luxurious comfort that in harmony with splendid nature, the high class villa area Sentosa Villa symbolizes for nowadays everyboody’s dreams.


Having taken a few hours to travel 180 kilometres away from HCMC, enjoying landscape on two sides of the street, you will enter the high-class villa area named “Sentosa Villa” – located on Huynh Thuc Khang the most beautiful coastal street in Phan Thiet. Sentosa Villa – with total size of 160.000m2 – is the first luxurious resort having the ocean park and private beach in Phan Thiet.

Located along Mui Ne Bay, on the natural sandly hill of 89 metres above the sea level and lower to the ocean’s direction, Sentosa Villa is the resort offering the beautiful sea views of Mui Ne Bay.

Moreover, Sentosa Villa also has a spectacular place: “Back lean on the mountain, front direct to the ocean” – a situation with the meaning of bringing the peaceful and happiness to the owners of Sentosa Villa.

Sentosa Villa is a resort located in a famous environment complex, nearby some famous tourist places such as: Doi cat bay, Hon Rom – Mui Ne, Bai Da Mau, Lau Ong Hoang, Poshanu tower, Co Thach pagoda, Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda and Sea Link – one of the top ten beautiful golf-courts in Asia with 18 holes placed on a white sandy hill of 60 metres above the sea level with total size of 131,32 ha.


Sentosa Villa is designed in modern style with 5 kinds in order to meet all the demands of many different owners. Each designed style also contains a special meaning and brings many different beauty.

Even the villas ‘s colors also represent the impressive beauty of Sentosa Villa. All of villas here have their own specific styles. Here is really an ideal destination for you and your family!

Especially, at Sentosa Villa, nature is appeared everywhere, in your house, at the garden, along the green road with trees which are planted in harmony with the villas’s common style, blue ocean and sunshine. All brings everlasting pleasure to the owners here!


Every morning, having waken up at Sentosa Villa, rise up your shoulder and look out from the window, the sea appears. A great feeling combines with the nature to enjoy a specific flavour of beach sunlight and breeze. How peaceful and pleasant the life is!

Sentosa Villa gathers all upper services for upper strata. Luxurious restaurants, a 4-star hotel, shopping center, modern entertainment center, modern gym, opulent spa…all is within your reach!


Possessing forever a villa at Sentosa Villa will bring many benefits to the owners. Either you can use it as a second home or with option to rent through the professional management company.

The meaningful name “Sentosa” which means “Peaceful and Happiness” in Malay is also the message we wanna send to all of the owners here!

After tired working-time, you come back to Sentosa Villa ! All we have is the leisure and relaxed feelings created by the beautiful nature, the superb decoration, the high class comforts and services, and an opening a friendly community. Welcome to Sentosa Villa and try to experience with us!

For further information and sale progress, please contact:

Hung Thinh Real Estate Company
47A Tu Xuong street, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3932 1171 – 3932 1172 – Fax: 84.8.3932 1139

Royal Hill Villas

30 Mar


60 of the 172 Royal Hill Villas in Phan Thiet will be investors, Rang Dong Group, offer a period of the project on 5 / 1.

Royal Hill in Sea Links City is located in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. The Project with 12.7 ha scale and density of construction 22%. The beautiful villas, located on the highest hill are 70 m above sea level.


The idea of creating an advanced paradise resorts, separately and in harmony with an atmosphere of healing waters, the Royal Hill offers a customer not only the beauty of the sea and green spaces of lawn golf, but also the private space needed. Royal Hill is entitled to infrastructure in the City Sea Links golf & country club, restaurants, 5 star hotel and a 1 kilometer stretch of private beach.

The project is adjacent to the golf course, and has a panoramic vision and Sea Links Mui Ne bay. The villas have a built-up area of 240 m2 to 500 m2 with open design, which makes the distinct architecture of a private pool, garden or around the upper flexible open terrace. Customers who bought the land will be offered villa designs unique modern style, compliment with harmonious nature.

For further information, please contact:

SAPro real estate company
No. 6 Nam Quoc Cang Street, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3925 1178 – Hotline: 84.8.3925 8898

Sunshine Hill Villas

11 Jan
Sunshine Hill Villas is located at Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province. 200km from Hochiminh City to the East (about 3 hours by car), 250km from Dalat City, Nha Trang City to the South West. Scale: 7.4 hectare with 139-unit villa area, green park area, fitness and gym room, massage, spa, mini-mart, restaurant, bar, cafe.

Convenient traffic system

The area is located on a remarkable hill towards Da Ong Dia beach and Nguyen Thong main street which leads to Mui Ne and 1km away from Phu Hai Resort, next to Victoria Resort, Sea Links 18-hole golf course and a 5-Star hotel in completion stage.
The over 60m wide avenue DT 706B, which was commenced in 2008 and completed in August 2009, starts from Lau Ong Hoang to Mui Ne – Hon Rom. This new road has increased the value of the projects on its two banks.
The internal road system is covered by natural stone pavers like old European streets, which contributes so Sunshine Hill Villas’ perfection.
In details

Situated at the gates of the projects, the green parks are formed by the stone steps and the retaining walls. The sea’s blue, the green grass and lots of colorful flowers go well together, contributing to a romantic scene. Together with the harmony of colors, some other features such as walking paths, sculptures and park benches offer you a peaceful feeling like in a dream world. After going for a walk in the park, you can find your way back to your privacy on the stone paved roads.
Model house perspective

The accommodation includes one ground floor and an upper story with a “front room”, a living-room, a dinning-room with kitchen, a sauna, a single bedroom and a toilet on the ground floor. The upper story consists of three large bedrooms with natural wood floor, high-grade furniture and outstanding design wher you can enjoy the morning by staying in bed for a little longer and looking out of the windows towards the sea. Moreover, the garden’s scenery with trees, waterfall, swimming pool, sunbathing yard, and sauna room will make you feel comfortable after an entire day working.
One of the special features of houses at Sunshine Hill Villas is its design and decoration which is in European Style, particularly Vitorian School, with strong, simple but elegant lines and shapes. The green areas are well arranged intentionally to harmonize the swimming pool, stones paths around the house. Your house will look like in a gorgeous painting from different angles. Behind each door is a lively nature but the most modern and comfortable facilities.
Fantastic East seaview villas
Following the stoned paths, sloping hills, behind the rows of trees are high-class villas standing continuously with luxurious furnishing inside. Each house is built on an area of 400m2 with over 250m2 in use.
Enjoyble vacation with golden sunshine and blue ocean

The whole vast ocean will appear in front of our eyes just a few minutes strolling. You can joyfully swim in the blue ocean, have a good time on the seashore together with our family to fly dreaming kites or take a walk to discover the beauties of living beings. You can also temporarily stay away our working days by sinking in nature with golf lines and challenging hot sand pits… If you need an atmosphere for relaxation, you can feel an individual world on benches in scenery hills together with favorite magazines… Sunshine Hill Villas is your memorial second home of unforgettable vacations.
Coming to the beauty of legendary sea
Residing at Sunshine Hill Villas, you are surrounded by the green and pure nature, which ensures a healthy life for people. Together with the luxury and elegance of an Victorian house, your will feel restful with the harmonization of your accommodation and the natural surrounding. Beside the blue of the sea, Sunshine Hill Villas’ scenery is dominated by the green of poplar wood and coconut trees. People around are friendly and easy going. Sunshine Hill Villas is your top choice for a better living.
For further information, please contact:
Saigon – Thai Son Real Estate Corp
Add: 3rd floor, Scetpa Building, 19A Cong Hoa Ttreet, Ward 12,
Tan Binh District, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.6296 7091 – 6296 7092 – Fax: 84.8.9296 7078

Ocean Vista

21 Aug
Ocean Vista apartment project in the Sea Links Golf – Hotel – Villa complex in Phan Thiet City, central province of Binh Thuan, will start construction this September.

As designed, this 8 hectare project includes six blocks with 557 apartments of 80-250 square meters, a meeting hall, shops, bars, restaurants, tennis courts and swimming pools…

Ocean Vista project is part of the 170 hectare Sea Links Complex, consisting of 300 villas, an 18-hole golf course and a 200-room five star hotel.

The project is expected to completed by September 2011.

Vacation Exchange

Sea Links Vacation Ownership, you vacation your way!

Who wants to be locked into taking the same vacation during 20 years? Vacation Ownership offers you the privilege of exchanging your vacation at Sea Links to over 4000 thousand resorts all over the world through RCI Group.

Vacation Exchange allows you to exchange your 7 days Vacation Ownership to any other equally qualified resort within a network of more than 4000 resorts and destinations worldwide.

Vacation Exchange drives you to the vacation world, whether you desire to indule yourself at Phuket or Bali, dream island of Hawaii or ski at Switzerland mountains, join in the fairy world of Disney Land or enjoy the cruises around the world. All is available for your choice!

This is the privilege for Vacation Owners only, enabling them to travel anywhere, even domestic or international trip.

* No accommodation payment required.
* A chance to rest at quality and luxurious resorts all over the world.
* Offered the special promotions and discount programs such as:
1.Flight Ticket
2.Car Rental
4. Others…
* Diversify the destinations for your trips.
* A chance to discover new lands, experience the adventures, understand the new culture, people and typical beauty of many countries.
* Cost savings compared to self-traveling.

For more information, please contact us at the following add

Saigon Property Sales and Marketing Department
Add: No6, Nam Quoc Cang Street,
Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1, HCM City.
Tel: 84.8.3925 8899 – 3925 1178 – Fax:84.8.3925 1179.

Casalle Hills

17 Aug

Perspective, originally uploaded by Kiva.Dang.
The green of healthy life

At Casalle Hills there is another dominant green from the forest, coconut-palms and poplars. Nature is appeared everywhere, in your house, at the garden, along the green road with trees wich are planted in harmony with the common style of villas.

The preserved ricinus forest of 50 hectares is there for your discovery and exposing.


Having taken a few hours to travel 175 kilometres away from Ho Chi Minh city along 1A National highway, enjoying landscape on two sides of the street, you’ll enter the high-class villa area named Casalle Hills.

Locating at the essential area of Lagi town, Binh Thuan province, nearby some famous tourist places such as: Thay Thim palace, Da Chim cliff, Ta Cu pagoda, Ke Ga cape… Casalle Hills has a splendid beach and ideal oceanic climate which is ideal for you and your family to have a leisurely vacation.

Ease from the comforts

You could begin a day in a gym with modem body-training system, enjoy a cup of Cappuccino in a Europe style coffee shop or simply lie on your soft bed to watch the sea.

Perfect in decoration

Designed in Europe romantic style and influenced by the Spanish sophisticated architecture, the villas here even have their own vitality and soul.

Airy and cool in summer, nice and warm in winter, the villas are ideal place for your family’s the vacation.

Live with the nature

One of the first thing you cannot miss at Casalle Hills is that villas in green garden look like the sails in the ocean. The trees, the flowers, the sea and the wind will relieve all your daily concerns.

An ideal and peaceful place to settle down

With impressive lifestyle created by unique architecture and luxurious comfort that in harmony with splendid nature, the high class villa area Casalle Hills symbolizes for nowadays Vietnamese dreams: living with passion, keeping dreams alive and enjoying every day in higher quality. Welcome to the land of dreams!

Possessing avilla at Casalle Hills means that you are the owner of a real estate that everybody thirsts for – the most luxurious and largest tourist hub in area of 200 heatares.

The sea malody

Every morning, having waken up at Casalle Hills, rise up your shoulder and look out from the window, the sea appears. Having taken a few steps out, you will stand in front of the beach to enjoy the sunrise and play with the waves under your feet. How peaceful and pleasant the life is!

Casalle Hills villa area has a great view towards the poetic beach where you have relaxed and happy days. All members of your family could walk along the beach together, swim and play on smooth sand with the length of 2 kilometres, watch the violet sunset on the sea and experience unforgettable emotion every day of your life.

The land of dreams

All we have is the leisure and relaxed feelings created by the beautiful nature, the superb decoration, the high class comforts and services, and an opening and friendly community. It’s the reason why we call Casalle Hills – The land of dreams.

Peaceful sandy hills

Casalle Hills – one of a few unique places in Vietnam with beatiful landscape and wonderful environment – there, you would enjoy the sea, the forest, the sand hill with your beloved family members.

Behind the villa area, there is a natural blue lake covering an area of 30 hectares with variety of aquatic creatures that makes the oceanic climate inherently cool and fresh.

For further information, please contact:

Saigon Thuong Tin Real Estate Joint Stock Company
Add: 78 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 3, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.38 249 988 – Fax: 84.8.38 249 977
Hotline:84.8.38 249 966 – E-mail: