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Work starts on Vuon Tung Clubhouse

22 Feb

VNRE– On February 7th 2012, in very first days of the new Lunar New Year, Vihajico has officially started the construction of Vuon Tung Clubhouse. Built on a one-hectare area, this will be the recreational center for the entire Vuon Tung community. The project will include the construction of two swimming pools (one for children and the other for adults), 2 tennis courts, 3 badminton courts, outdoor event center, restaurants, Jacuzzi, sauna, park, etc… After completion, it will serve the recreational demand of Vuon Tung community in particular, and the entire Ecopark community as a whole. The project is expected to be completed in July 2012 to welcome Vuon Tung‘s first inhabitants, after only 5 months of construction.

This event, together with other works which have continued from early days of the spring, is a demonstration for the developer’s efforts and commitment to ensure its promises on constructional rate of progress to customers. The lively working environment has given a beautiful characteristic to the spring in Ecopark.

Source: Vihajico

Ecopark – the ecological urban model for international study

3 Nov
VNRE – On 3rd November, Ecopark Township has received 80 international delegates from the UK, the US, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark … to study its urban development model.
Mr. Le Van Thanh, Principal of University of Civil Engineering, shared with international guests: “At the present moment, the world is facing many global environmental risks, such as: climate change, drought, severe storm systems, earthquakes, forest fires, rainforest depletion, and pollution. All cities will have the responsibility of developing a living environment that is safe and sustainable, which will be a definite trend”.

“Ecopark is the first ecological development model in Vietnam. We welcome partnership with international investors for more ecological developments in Vietnam”, said Mr. Dao Ngoc Thanh, General Director of Vihajico.

On behalf of the delegation, Professor of Cathelic University (Chile), Mr. Alfredo Serpell, has highly assessed the project’s results so far. “This is a featured case of innovation and sustainable construction demonstrated by Vihajico. To transform from planning into being is a difficult process. We highly assess Ecopark’s achievements so far. The green city reserves to be a featured study model for many countries”, he said.

Source: Ecopark

Ecopark to inaugurate sample house of Pho Truc commercial area

7 Oct
VNREViet Hung Urban Investment & Development Jsc. officially inaugurates sample houses of Pho Truc Commercial Area.

To create a retail and feasting street with cultural characteristics and linked with nature for future house owners of Ecopark, Pho Truc has been developed with 130 linked houses, each has 3.5 floors, area from 110 m2, and 2 street views. One side of houses is for retail space, while the other is peacful garden view, isolated from street noise.

Located inside Ecopark, amidst Rung Co Luxury Apartments and Vuon Tung Gated Community, Pho Truc Commercial Area is planned to be a modern retail-feasting street with European style, and will not just to serve Ecopark citizens but also appeal tourists from Hanoi and neighboring areas.

Deputy General Director of Vihajico, Mr. Bui Tien Hung said: “In early phase of our master plan, Pho Truc Commercial Area is a distinct feature for the entire Ecopark, where happens the perfect combination between business and personal living. On one view is a busy business street while the other is a tranquil atmosphere. The inauguration of Pho Truc sample houses is a great chance for visitors to experience our ideal in reality and will be the endorsement for our quality and design commitment of all products”.

Pho Truc houses are designed by top architectural firms in Vietnam and the world. The entire of Pho Truc is expected to be completed and to go to operation in the second quarter of 2012.

Source: Vihajico. For more information, please visit

Signing ceremony of memorandum of understanding between British University Vietnam and Ecopark

16 May
VNREOn 11th May 2011, Ecopark was the site of the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the project of building up British University Vietnam (BUV) in Ecopark – the project of Viet Hung Urban Development & Investment Jsc., (Vihajico).

According to the MOU, BUV shall lease a 5.5 ha portion of land in Ecopark for the purpose of building the campus for the British University Vietnam. The land will consist of functional areas such as learning and office spaces, as well as sport facilities such as a football pitch, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc.. It is positioned to be the first international university campus in the Hanoi area with British-standard facilities and curricula, offering a modern and innovative environment for studying, researching and teaching. International architects and construction-management services will cooperate on the design and construction of the university campus.

The project is scheduled to be constructed over a period of 18 months and will begin operations at Ecopark within approximately two years. Total cost for the project is estimated at 20-million USD; an investment of this size allows BUV to accommodate around 10,000 students eventually. Also according to MOU, Vihajico commits to complete the infrastructure installations such as the water supply and electricity up to the University’s property. Moreover, Vihajico commits to complete all the construction for Phase One of Ecopark Township by mid-2013. This will include housing and commercial centers, completion of the main construction work of the inter-provincial road between Hanoi and Hung Yen; completion of the 4.2km Hanoi – Hung Yen Road that links the Thanh Tri Bridge to Ecopark by end of 2011; and step-by-step development of the infrastructure for the subsequent construction phases on the south side of the Bac Hung Hai River from 2011.

The signing ceremony between BUV and Ecopark is a landmark event in the attraction foreign investment in the education field, and will contribute to the strengthening of education quality and offer an international environment for Vietnamese students in the near future. It also is the next step of Ecopark in creating the model of a fully functional city built to international standards.

Source: Vihajico

Start construction of Bac Hung Hai bridge at Ecopark New Urban

17 Mar
VNRE Yesterday, Vihajico hold the groundbreaking ceremony for construction of Bac Hung Hai bridge – part of the Hanoi-Hung Yen transport project at Ecopark Urban.

Attending the groundbreaking ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Khac Hao, Vice Chairman of Hung Yen People’s Committee, with representatives from several ministries, representatives of provincial departments of Hung Yen and leaders of Van Giang, Yen My, Khoai Chau (Hung Yen province) and Gia Lam (Hanoi)…

Bac Hung Hai Bridge spans the Bac Hung Hai river running through Ecopark urban, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province. Total length = 370m, include 2 bridge stand 10m apart, each bridge arranges 3-lane 3×3.75m, a mix-lane 3.25m, 2.75m section for pedestrians. Total width of a bridge is 18.5m. The main bridge structure uses reinforced concrete including 5 archs with length of 270m. Tender package has a total investment of 27.3 million SGD (Singapore Dollar)

Bac Hung Hai Bridge as part of the Hanoi-Hung Yen transport project with total length of 21.4 km from Thanh Tri bridge (Hanoi) to National Highway 39 (Hung Yen), which stretch of road runs through the Ecopark ecological urban length of 3.5km and called Ecopark Boulevard. This Boulevard is constructed with 100m, modern design with 8 lanes and roadsides are arranged trees, 8m wide median strip is plant the flowers and green grass running along the Boulevard. Intelligent lighting system that automatically turns off when the sun rises for energy savings.

Specifically, the bridge will have five stops for guests can enjoy a view of the Bac Hung Hai river and Ecopark ecological urban projects from the bridge. The investor also will construct the landscape along the river banks to create a flowing river in the heart of urban .

Bac Hung Hai bridge is expected to be completed in 12/2012. The first objective of Vihajico now is to accelerate the completion of the Hanoi-Hung Yen road at the same thime with implementation of Ecopark project which Bac Hung Hai Bridge is an important work connecting the Phase 1 and other phase of the project.

Bac Hung Hai bridge was designed by Utracon Overseas Pte Ltd (Singapore) and Utracon Vietnam is main contractor.

Rung Co will be opened for sales from March 19

14 Mar
VNREFrom March 19th, 2011, Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment J.S.C (Vihajico) will cooperate with Savills Vietnam to launch new products of Rung Co Luxury Apartments, a sub-project of phase I, Ecopark Ecological Township.

Rung Co apartment area is developed on a total area of 40.100m2 (in which, construction is about 9.000m2 in area), and consists of 5 apartment buildings, each is from 19 to 25 stories and has three typical areas of 70.9m2, 83.3m2, and 91.8m2. Apartments are designed to have from 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 balconies. On top of buildings are penthouses, which have from 141m2 to 151m2 in area.

Price will be from 20million/m2. Customers can register directly with the investor at Ecopark Main Office (opposite to Bat Trang Pottery Village), or at our Representative Office, 59A Ly Thai To/13 Ly Dao Thanh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

According to Mr. Bui Tien Hung, Deputy General Director of Vihajico, “Up to now, Rung Co has received good feedback from customers. From the first product launching in June 2010, Rung Co has received a lot of attention from both real estate brokers and customers who buy for their own accommodation. That is the evidence of real market demand on apartments in ecological urban townships. It is a good signal for us in current quiet property market, and once again, confirms customer’s trust in us and our project. It is also a motivation for us to hasten the project implementation and investment in public facilities to welcome our very first citizens in the end of 2012.

As its special feature, Rung Co fully receives the modern facility system in green atmosphere of Ecopark. From the first phase of project development, the investor has concentrated on the development of landscapes, green trees and water surfaces to prove the special strong point of Ecopark, an international-level ecological township. It is also to serve advance demand of the market and customers.

In addition, investment in to Rung Co apartments is the best choice for customers who want to do leasing business. Located near Hanoi, Rung Co is suitable for foreigners working in Hanoi, Sai Dong, and Thang Long Industrial Zone 2 …, who are seeking for a green living atmosphere with all international-standard facilities and close to culture-tourism sites of Hanoi.

According to the master plan, from the first phase, Vihajico will build all facilities such as schools, hospitals, clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, green parks, children entertainment center, … concurrently with products of villas, shophouses, and apartments, to guarantee citizens an ecological living environment with complete international-standard facilities.

Source: Vihajico

Vuon Mai Gated Community

21 Jan

VNRE – Vuon Mai Villas with the site area 7.68 hectares includes 109 detached villas and 34 semi detached villas. Vuon Mai Villas will only occupy about 40% of the site areas. Vihajico will use 2.4ha to build two central parks (Club House) and plant hundreds of large trees shading community constructions including Club, Swimming pool, tennis courts and open spaces. Top landscape architects will harmoniously combine large trees with shade trees and hundreds of kinds of flowers, to create an amazing natural green backdrop to the villa developments.

All villas are to be built using the latest ‘green’ construction methods and their designs will highlight open space. Once the exterior shells are complete, they will be handed over to customers, who can determine their own design styles for each room as well as the decoration for their villas. You will have plenty of opportunities and space to express your own ideas and style through your villa.


Semi-detached Villas



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