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Vung Tau: DC6 – Thang Long mixed-use development

21 May

VNRE – ICE (Ideas for Contemporary Environments) with local architect Trinity & Associates was awarded the 2nd Prize for its entry for DC6 – Thang Long, a mixed-use Development, as a popular beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The design incorporates time share units, residential apartments, serviced apartments and commercial programs, adding up to 30,000 sqm.

Vung Tau is a prosperous and popular seafront resort city rich in natural energy and other resources which attracts business and tourists from all over Vietnam. It is one of the most modern cities of Vietnam. ICE’s approach to the high density demands of the site was to create an iconic Urban Resort that transforms the high density and huge volumes into a dynamic, fluid configuration, that comes alive with shifting towers, ensuring maximization of the view in all directions of the ocean and Vung Tai City for every apartment.

This strategic design approach also enabled the design to pull the apartment towers away from each other at important angles, providing the maximum level of privacy and exclusivity despite the density. The towers are supported by a podium, which incorporates clubhouse and resort facilities as well as shopping and F&B in a richly programmed landscape garden.

With the shifting towers, the structure is reinforced by a space frame on the top floor, reinforcing and transferring shear loads to the central core. This makes the structure very economical at no more than 15% over a more standard ‘vertically loaded’ design as the shifting of the floor plates is kept minimal (rotation less than 90 degrees), and the engineering of the lateral forces are kept at a minimum.

– Architects: ICE – ideas for contemporary environments (local architect: Trinity & Associates)
– Location: Vung Tau, Vietnam
– Project Name: DC6 – Thang Long
– Client: DIC Group
– Kind of Project: Invited International Competition
– Prize: 2nd Prize
ICE Design Team: Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, Minh Le Van, Tim Mao Yiqing
– Site Area: 55,000 sqm
– Construction Area: 330,000 sqm.

Source: ArchDaily
Pictures/ Courtesy of ICE

Pullman Vung Tau 5-star Hotel

6 Jan
VNREThe combination of 5-star hotel Pullman and International Exhibition and Conference Center in Vung Tau city was built on the land with total area of 3 ha, has started from September 2007 with total investment of nearly 900 billion VND.

The project is located at the corner of two beautiful streets in Vung Tau, Le Hong Phong and Thi Sach. From this, it can be seen the overview of Vung Tau center area and the coastal bend of the road from Front Beach to Back Beach.

Project’s design is very modern and sophisticated, contributing to bring the coastal city’s architecture up to a different level. From remote, the whole structure looks like the combination of an egg and the boad with setting sail to cleave the waves going ahead. As designing, 4 function blocks are depicted highlights, including:

– Block of International Exhibition and Conference Center includes two floors (27 m high). First floor is designed versatilely and convenient for the exhibition activities. Second floor is arranged for an large conference room, capable of serving from 1.000 to 1.500 guests, according to organizing conference or music performances, film screenings…Roof floor is a side-stage and technical rooms for the conference. This is the largest exhibition center in BaRia-Vung Tau province as well as the address to attract MICE tourists, to overcome the weaknesses of city services in tourism during the time before.

– Hi-class apartment block of 10 storeys is designed with annular, each floor’s structure is simulated as wave formation, contribute to increase viewing angle as well as combinating with terrace to create an open space for the guests. In this block, first floor is used as an international recreation club for the foreigners and commercial shops, second floor is Chinese restaurant, 3th and 4th floor is the swimming pool, fitness gym, spa , Sauna… From 5th to 10th floor is 5-star standard apartment.

– The block of 5-star hotel is a 13 storeys building with elip layout was designed as the luxury international standard of 5-star hotel with about 370 rooms, capable of serving 500 guests staying at the same time. Pullman hotel is the second 5-star standard hotel and the biggest hotel in Vung Tau city. This hotel would satisfy many outstanding events held in Ba Ria Vung Tau in the near future. And it will further prove its brand value through the development and management of the Accor Group – one of the most famous hotel management group in the world.

– The remaining block is the 7 storeys service area is arranged independently to serve the needs of health care, sports and entertainment for the whole complex.

Pullman hotel will be the ideal place to organize many conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions with international and regional scale, contributing to solve the lack situation about the place organizing types of conference tourism at Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. This place will attract considerable international visitors who want to experience the luxury resort space in this beautiful coastal city.

Assessing the magnitude of this project, experts in the field of construction and tourism, Pullman Hotel deserves with the development of Vung Tau city in the current time as well as the future. With large-scale investment, this unique structure can be regarded as a landmark of architecture and landscape in Vung Tau city..

The project has basically completed the construction building now and beginning to be in the perfection stage. Expected up to October 2011, this hotel project will be completed.

For further information, please contact:

Southern Deveplopment Investment JSC (member of DIC Group)
Add: 223 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 8, Vung Tau City.
Tel: 84.64.385 9248 – Fax: 84.64.356 0712.

Cantavil Long Hai

15 Dec
VNRECantavil Long Hai area of over 4.7 acres, located in Long Hai Town, Long Dien District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Area public facilities are located close to the western boundary is the beach restaurant, pool, bar, tennis court, parking, boat landing…

Cantavil – Long Hai’s taken as the leading natural, natural landscape combined with water from a lake reflecting the link of the apartment block to the lake and landscape center, pools form a continuous surface, creating the illusion pulled into the sea with the work.The array of trees are arranged alternately lakes and small waterfalls… feeling like yourself in the relaxed nature for residents. All villas and apartments are overlooking the beach designed to take advantage of natural light. Residents will enjoy the green space into a cool, airy, fresh and beautiful close to nature.

For further information, please contact:

Daewon – Thuduc Housing Development Housing JSC
Add: No.1, Hamlet 3, An Phu new urban area, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3740 4014 – Fax: 84.8.3740 4018

Vung Tau Sea Star Suite – The True Value of Life

7 Nov
VNREHo Coc beach is an ideal resort with fine white sand, turquoi water and refreshing atmostphere. It only takes 2 hours South East of Ho Chi Minh City, visitors will find a magnificent view of Ho Coc thanks to a strip of red soil Bazan leaning toward the ocean, the place is beautifully covered with flowers and pine trees.

In the harmony with this beautiful senery is the Sea Star Suite that has 1.5km long front beach and an ideal location within Ho Coc – Binh Chau Tourist Zone; 130km from HCMC, 40 km from Vung Tau beach. This resort also is connected with Phan Thiet Town by the national highway about 80 km along the coast. Especially, Sea Star Suit is only 20 minutes away from Binh Chau Hot Spring, an ecological tourist attaction recognized by WTO.

Sea Star Suite is cleverly built based on international 5 star resort standards reflecting a noble lifestyle. This spectacular place has an area of 2.49 hectares with 576 apartment units, bungalows and villas; luxury services such as spa, bar, casino and finest facilities, and conference facilities. Besides, this place also offers healthcare center, beauty salon, high-end branded stores and entertainment activities i.e water sports and a finest Vietnamese and international restaurant system.

Especially, Sea Star Suit’s owners are not only able to enjoy these 5 star facilities and services on the weekends but also can acutualy earn some extra income by renting out their “second home”on regular days.

Project progress: Five-star resort on the way

For further information, please contact:

City Housing Development Real Estate JSC
Add: 3rd Floor, Office Buiding – 10 Nguyen Hue St,
Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: 84.8.2220 3555 – Fax: 84.8.2220 3550

An Phu Khang Residential

28 Oct

VNRE – An Phu Khang residential project is located on Highway 51B, Ward 11, Vung Tau City. Whole Area of the project is about of 430.016m2. Northwest is adjacent Vung Tau City Administrative Center, Southeast is near Metro Supermarket (under construction). And nearby many projects have been formed, such as Le Qui Don Highschool, Le Loi Hospital, PetroVietnam residential,…

Design: NQH Architects

PTSC Tower

24 Oct
VNREPTSC Tower is the complex building which is invested by PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC). It is located at 266 Le Loi Street, Ward 7, Vung Tau city, with total approved investment of more than 765 billion VND and having a scale which includes 25 floors of Grade A office as well as commercial and apartment building.

Working under construction of the project is on the land with an area of 4.723 m2 and total floor area is 57.030m2 (including basement). Project’s implementing contractor is Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction JSC (PVC-IC).

PTSC Tower will be built with synchronous investment equipment, architectural plan of the construction is to meet the technical, artistic solutions and integrate environmental landscape as well as the general development of Vung Tau city. The building has specific structure of octagonal, rising up with the top of taper with two high sides, creating the shape of light, soft and balanced… With a favourable location in the heart of the city, therefore, when completed, PTSC Tower will be a nice and modern high-rise building with outstanding architecture and becoming the highlight for urban structural space of the coastal city of Vung Tau. PTSC Tower will not only towards customers in oil industry but also satisfying the needs of all office services from the others.

Moreover, the project will help solve a part of the accommodation needs for residents in Vung Tau as well as contribute to supply works and income for employees. When coming into operation, the project will contribute to Vung Tau city nearly 15,000 m2 grade A senior office, conference hall of 350 seats, more than 3.000 m2 for supermarket, hi-class restaurant serving for foreign tourists and 14.648 m2 for hi-end apartment.

The estimated construction period is 26 months and the project is expected to be completed and put into use in late 2012.

Project construction site:

Project Information:

  • Investor: Petro Vietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC)
  • Contractor: Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction JSC (PVC-IC)
  • Total investment: 765 billion VND
  • Total construction area: 4.723 m2
  • Total construction floor: 57.030 m2 (including basement)
  • Estimated completed time: at the end of 2012

For further information, please contact:

PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC)
5th floor, PetroVietnam Tower, 1-5 Le Duan Street, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 84.8. 3910 2828 – Fax: 84. 8.3910 2929
E-mail: – Website:

Six Senses Con Dao

28 Sep

VNRE – Resting in the quiet waters of the East Sea off the coast of Vietnam, the Con Dao archipelago remains a pristine gem. Marco Polo visited Con Dao in the 13th Century, on his way from China to Europe, and later the East Indian Company established a small trading village on the main island. With a surface area of 70 km 2 and a population of only 5,000, island life is as tranquil as the surrounding waters. Swaths of white sand form breeding grounds for turtles, and further inland the landscape is alive with a multitude of birdsong and the chatter of monkeys.

The Six Senses Con Dao resort is around 230 km, or 145 miles, from Ho Chi Minh City, a mere 45-minutes by regular flights. The site of the resort lies 8 km from Con Son airport and is nestled into a remote cove near the Con Dao National Park.

Six Senses Con Dao is set within one of the most beautiful locations on Con Dao Island. The beach, a one and half kilometer strip of white sand with sloping dunes abreast turquoise waters, is enclosed in a secluded bay with Elephant Head Mountain as a backdrop. This particular site on Con Dao was chosen by Six Senses for its unspoilt beauty and ecological uniqueness.

The development

The Six Senses synergy of simple design and luxuriously spacious accommodation, uncompromising quality and service, and environmental sensitivity is presented in Six Senses Private Residences. These extraordinary villas are located in some of the most breathtaking corners of the world. Built with materials from sustainable sources, they tread lightly on the earth by applying construction techniques that are adapted to preserve the integrity of the environment and local communities that surround them. Far from lessening the luxury, the unique approach enhances the natural experience. Luxury living as nature intended….. we call it living the Six Senses Private Residences lifestyle.

Six Senses Con Dao consists of 35 hotel villas and 15 luxury residential villas. Unit styles range from single-level villas to duplexes, in configurations of one, three, four and five bedroom accommodations, many with indoor-outdoor showers. The ultra-contemporary architectural concept for the property enhances the natural beauty of the site by having the design, layout, scale and texture of the villas fit within the existing environment.

Catering for every taste

We pride ourselves not only on the quality of food and service but also on the environment in which the dining experience takes place. At Six Senses Con Dao, we believe that dining should be an important part of the whole experience. Above all, the settings will be as exceptional as the cuisine itself, be it a romantic and secluded meal for two or a dinner party with a personalized menu at one of the resort’s restaurants; a memorable and exclusive fine dining experience overlooking the mangroves or an intimate moonlit dinner on a private beach; or a private cooking class with a master chef or a gastronomic meal prepared for you in your private villa’s “slow” kitchen.

All our chefs prepare delicious, healthy, balanced dishes using the freshest produce grown in the resort’s own organic fruit and vegetable gardens.

Six Senses spa

The multi-award winning Six Senses Spas brand offers personalized sensory spa journeys, wellness activities, detox and lifestyle programs to enhance the well-being of all ages, either at our beautiful spa or in the privacy of your own villa.

Six Senses Spas adapt seamlessly to host cultures, taking inspiration from the local community, and treatment areas are specifically designed and conceived to rejuvenate and revitalize the mind and body – making each visit to a Six Senses Spa a memorable and enlightening experience. Six Senses Spa therapists take guests on exhilarating sensory journeys, with their special skills and personal care through many forms of holistic healing and sense of well being, delivering each treatment with serene and reassuring professionalism, using products made only from natural ingredients.

A host of activities

Six Senses Con Dao and Private Residences enjoy a private and secluded setting with a host of amenities and activities on hand to entertain all ages and satisfy the most discerning of tastes. From water sports and beach activities to nature hikes and turtle watching, Con Dao Island has something special for everyone. Feature activities include:

  • A wide selection of water sports including catamaran sailing, kayaking, water-skiing and snorkeling.
  • A fleet of motorized water crafts for excursions to other islands, local sites and fishing trips.
  • Diving excursions taught and lead by certified dive masters to see coral reefs and underwater life.
  • Seasonal observation of turtles nesting on the beach at Hon Bay Canh and witnessing the baby tortoises hatch and return to sea.
  • Swimming and exploring the secluded beaches of Bai Dat Doc and Dam Trau.
  • Hiking and trekking through the mangroves and mystical forests, exploring Con Dao’s diverse flora and fauna, including indigenous species of monkeys and black squirrels.
  • Witnessing dawn break as the sun rises over Hon Bay Canh and then watching the sunset over “Love” Mountain.
  • Visiting historical monuments throughout Con Dao dating back to the French colonial era and further to the days when the East India Company and Portuguese merchants frequented the island.
  • Immersing yourself in the local culture, meeting the local people and experiencing the simple life provided on Con Dao.

Ecologically Sustainable luxury

Uncompromising in the pursuit of perfection, Six Senses is acknowledged as a leading global pioneer in cutting-edge eco-concept luxury resorts, where sumptuous comfort and incomparable service are uniquely blended with care for the environment. Six Senses Con Dao is set on the best location on Con Dao Island, enhancing the lush tropical environment and creating breathtaking views. The design and operation of the resort takes a sustainable approach to luxury, reflecting the brand philosophy of the Six Senses management company and Indochina Land’s commitment to architectural excellence.

Committed to minimizing the resort’s impact on the environment, the property is designed and constructed to meet Green Globe 21 certification standards. With a focused commitment to the environment, the villas have a low environmental impact, maximizing natural light and ventilation, and are situated within the natural slope of the dunes to provide continuous breathtaking views of the sea.

Each villa is constructing using an intricate pattern of timber frames, made from Indochinese hardwood sourced from sustainably managed forests, and granite found locally on Con Dao Island.

The private residences

All villas are spacious and range from 3 bedrooms with 542 sqm (5,826 sqf) to 4 bedrooms with 671 sqm (7,213 sqf) of gross floor area on average plots of 2,000 sqm (21,500 sqf). The Hill Retreat Villa will have 5 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools, an entertainment room and wine cellars, all in a total space of 790 sqm (8,493 sqf). Each villa in the resort boasts unobstructed views and designed with sleeping quarters and living rooms in separate pavilions.

3 Bedroom beachfront villas
Total area 542 sq.m.

  • Master bedroom, walk through dressing area and bathroom with double vanity, indoor shower, steam room, double-sized bath and open air shower.
  • 2 further en-suite bedrooms with indoor showers, and personalized deck areas with seating arrangements.
  • Large open living and dining room and bathroom.
  • Deck with open plan sitting area and open shower area, leading onto a lower pool side area with additional relaxation areas.
  • Various large terraced areas with sun loungers.
  • Signature half-moon infinity edged pool from 70 sq.m to 100 sq.m in terrazzo dolo bianco finish.
  • Full amenities and functional open custom made kitchen with pantry.
  • IDD telephone and espresso machine.
  • Wi-Fi and LAN connection, satellite TV, DVD player, Bose Hi-Fi system with docking station for a personal iPod.
  • Voltage: 220-240V, premium fixtures and fittings throughout.
  • Foundations are made of steal/concrete; roofing, interior and exterior finishing are made from hard woods of local sustainable sources.

4 Bedroom oceanview villas
Total area 671 sq.m

  • Master bedroom, walk through dressing area and bathroom with double vanity, indoor shower, steam room, double-sized bath and open air shower.
  • 2 further en-suite bedrooms with indoor showers, and personalized deck areas with seating arrangements.
  • Large open living and dining room and bathroom.
  • Deck with open plan sitting area and open shower area, leading onto a lower pool side area with additional relaxation areas.
  • Various large terraced areas with sun loungers.
  • Signature half-moon infinity edged pool from 70 sq.m to 100 sq.m length in terrazzo dolo bianco finish.
  • Full amenities and functional open custom made kitchen with pantry.
  • IDD telephone and espresso machine.
  • Wi-Fi and LAN connection, satellite TV, DVD player, Bose Hi-Fi system with docking station for a personal iPod.
  • Voltage: 220-240V, premium fixtures and fittings throughout.
  • Foundations are made of steal/concrete; roofing, interior and exterior finishing are made from hard woods of local sustainable sources.

Villa owner benefits

Villa owners at Six Senses Con Dao will receive a host of valuable benefits, including:

  • Optional villa rental program.
  • 20% off of all Six Senses Hideaway Con Dao resort services including F&B and spa services during their stay at the resort.


Six Senses Con Dao and Private Residences enjoy a private and secluded setting with a host of amenities and activities on hand to entertain all ages and satisfy the most discerning of tastes. From water sports and beach activities to nature hikes and turtle watching, Con Dao Island has something special for everyone.

General & Resort related services

  • General administration and management of Private Residences at Six Senses Con Dao.
  • Maintenance of the exterior of private villas, including roofing, patios and pools.
  • Maintenance of all common areas.
  • Residential villa landscaping and maintenance
  • Residential area pest control.
  • Internet access.
  • Cable Television Service.
  • Provision of water supply.
  • Insurance for all common areas.
  • 24 hour security.
  • Life and fire safety systems.
  • Access to resort common areas and grounds
  • Butler services.
  • Bell services.
  • Transport within Private Residences and resort areas.
  • Resort fitness centre and tennis court access.
  • Bespoke Services

Villa owners benefit from all other resort services at a 20% discount off normal rates. Services include:

  • Dinning at Six Senses Con Dao resort.
  • Spa services.
  • Housekeeping services.
  • Laundry services.
  • In-villa dinning and private chef services.
  • In-villa wine tasting sessions.

Rental progamme

The Resort Management Agreement will cover all aspects of the villa rentals. The Resort Management Company will be responsible for renting the villas to hotel guests and will make sure the villa is available to the Villa Investors, depending on what program the Villa Investors chooses. Income from the villa rentals will be collected by Six Senses. Expenses, such as maintenance and management fees will be applied to each individual villa’s account. The surplus will be remitted as profit of Con Dao Residences and then distributed to each V shareholder once a year.

Your villa is yours to enjoy, our rental program is tailored to your desires. As an owner you may use your villa as little or as much as you like. When you are not in residence you may elect to place your villa in the rental program. Upon enrolment, we will ask you to provide us with a schedule of when you’d like your villa to be included in our inventory over the next calendar year. If you change your mind, you may terminate with six months prior written notice, and your agreement to honor any previously made bookings.

The developers

Indochina Land: is the real estate division of Indochina Capital, a leading investment firm whose principals have a 18 year track-record in Vietnam. Indochina Land currently manages three real estate funds with over US$460 million of committed capital, which translates into approximately US$2 billion of projects built or under development covering the full range of property types from multi-family residential and mixed-use commercial developments to hotels and resorts and golf course facilities in Vietnam. In late September 2009, London-based Euromoney magazine announced the winners of its annual Real Estate Poll, recognizing Indochina Land as the “Best Developer in Vietnam”.

Six Senses: is a Resort and Spa Management and Development Company established in 1995, which has developed and operate unique properties in the Maldives, Oman, Thailand, Vietnam and Spain under the brand names Soneva, Six Senses Hideaway, Six Senses Latitude and Evason, plus Six Senses Spas and Six Senses Destination Spas.

The Six Senses team has positioned Six Senses Private Residences at Soneva Kiri to incorporate the same brand values and personal service promised in the Six Senses Core Purpose: To create innovative and enlightening experiences that rejuvenate our guests’ love of slow life (Sustainable – Local – Organice – Wholesome learning – Inspiring – Fun – Experiences).

For further information, please contact:

Con Dao Hideway Residences Ltd.
Office: Capital Place, 10/F. 6 Thai Van Lung Street, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 84.8.3910 4855 – Fax: 84.8.3910 4860

OSC Land Building

24 Sep

Ha Duy/VNREOSC Land is the apartment building which is located at the corner of Vo Thi Sau and Ho Quy Ly street, nearby Bau Sen lake and only 150m away from Thuy Van beach.

The total area of the project is more than 4.000 m2 and its construction’s density is about 45%. As designing, OSC Land is the twin 21-storeys building which have the platform and 2 basements in common. The ground-floor is for services, commercial and community activities. There is an outside swimming pool of 300 m2 on the platform between the two towers. The project will supply 508 apartments with the square from 40 to 117 m2 when it is completed. Each apartment is all equipped the necessary devices and the luxurious interior, modern comforts, spacious living make this place to be the best for the second home, satisfying the vacation’s needs of the owner.

Project Information

  • Investor: OSC Land
  • Total investment: 500 billion VND
  • Location: 110 Vo Thi Sau street, at the corner of Vo Thi Sau and Ho Quy Ly street, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau city
  • Total area construction: 4.300 m2 (construction’s density: 45%)
  • Total construction floor: 41.566 m2
  • Height: 21 storeys (2 basements with total area of more than 5.000 m2)
  • Estimated completed time: Quarter III, 2012.

For further information, please contact:

OSC Real Estate Investment Development JSC
Address: 02 Le Loi street, Ward 1, Vung Tau city.
Tel: 84.64.2211 248 – Hotline: 84.91 318 1586
Website: – Email:

Vung Tau E-SEA Apartment

26 Aug

Vu Ha Duy/VNRE – Vung Tau E-SEA Apartment project is invested by Khang Linh Real Estate Company which will be built on the area of 12.808 m2 in Vung Tau city. NQH Architects is in charge of designing this project including 5 block of 15 storeys and 1 basement with 724 moderate apartments (44 – 67 m2) and a commercial center. This project is located in front of 51B Highway, the arterial route, the gateway to Vung Tau city. The consultant as well as inspector and the constructive management of E-SEA Apartment is Apave Group.

With modern designs, each apartment in the project is full of sunlight, cool and windy. Especially, with the desire to bring to customers who are really in need of housing, investor and designer are initiatively creating moderate apartments (from 44 – 67 m2) to make it easy for customers’ ownership but also ensuring its full capabilities of relax, comfortable life and durable, nice aspects in each apartment.

Project Information

  • E – SEA Apartment is a part of Khang Linh Complex Residences in Ward 10, Vung Tau city with total scale of 13 ha.
  • Total construction area: 12.808 m2.
  • Density of construction: 35% ( Moreover, there is more than 10.000 m2 of green environment, parking and open space ).
  • Scale of construction: 5 block of 15 storeys and 1 basement with 724 apartment and a commercial center.

For further information, please contact:

Khang Linh Real Estate Co.Ltd
ADD: G4 – 22/1 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ward 7, Vung Tau city.
Tel: 84.64.357 3789 – 351 3789 – Fax: 84.64.357 3889

Sailing Vung Tau Complex

18 Aug

VNRE – Sailing Building is the project of a complex building including commerce, service, office and hi – end apartment which are being constructed on the area of more than 5.000m2 with 3 sides adjacent big roads such as 30/4, Nguyen Trung Truc and Suong Nguyet Anh. The project is going to be an 36 storeys building with total investment of more than 1000 billion VND and the investor is PVC – IC (Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction Joint Stock Company).

When finishing, Sailing Building will supply more than 400 apartments and the area of more than 10.000m2 for commercial retail, office and service. Company PVC – IC confirmed, the project will be implemented in accordance with procedures, standards of construction, having good quality of construction, on schedule, safety and high aesthetics.

Project construction site

Project information

  • Location: 33 April 30th street, Ward 9, Vung Tau city.
  • Total investment: 1.004 billion VND
  • Investors and contractors: PVC – IC (Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction JSC).
  • Total construction area: 5.104 m2.
  • Total construction floor: 93.415 m2 (including 2 basements and 36 storeys).
  • Estimated completed time: 2012.

For further information, please contact:

Petroleum Industrial and Civil Construction JSC
HQ: 35D Road 30/4 – Ward 9 – Vung Tau City
Tel: 84.64.383 4784 – 383 2057 – Fax: 84.64.383 9925
Email: – Website: