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Cat Ba Amatina – Asia’s new destination, truly breathtaking

16 Jun

VNREThe Cat Ba archipelago, consisting of 366 islands large and small, occupies a very special place in the world and in the hearts of nature-lovers across the globe. Recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, it is adjacent to the equally magnificent Ha Long Bay World Heritage Site.

At the heart of this breathtaking destination, perched between misty islands, romantic bays, pristine sandy beaches, emerald blue waters and coral reefs on one side; and soaring limestone karst mountains, mysterious caves and evergreen tropical forest on the other, is Cat Ba Amatina, an international eco-tourism destination and the only integrated township and marina resort development allowed on this protected nature reserve.

Cat Ba Amatina is named after a young woman. Who is she? people ask. Those fortunate to have seen Amatina describe her as beautiful and graceful… yet as mysterious as the morning mist that casts a magical spell over the Cat Ba islands. Amatina is the eternal beauty of Cat Ba, as fresh and pure as Nature, and romantic like the soft moonlight over the silvery bays.

Everyone has, at some point, glimpsed such a beautiful woman — you do not know who she is, but her face and smile and the way she moves come back so clearly in your mind and reappear in your happy dreams

Cat Ba Amatina offers investors a unique proposition. Intelligently master-planned by a renowned French architect, with sensitive attention to Cat Ba’s natural environment, the development offers businesses, residents and visitors the best of both worlds — a vibrant and thriving commercial area centred around an International Convention Center, 5 and 4-star Hotels, Sports and Entertainment Complex, a Public Marina with al-fresco dining by the waterfront. Importantly, by a dual-carriage highway will link Haiphong City on the mainland to Cat Ba Island, vastly improving accessibility and opening the way for potentially thousands of tourists every month.

Cat Ba Amatina also offers — to get away from the tourist crowd and high excitement – private sanctuaries for residents who can live quietly and peacefully in modern luxurious villas along a beautifully landscaped river with the spectacular limestone mountains as a backdrop. From your doorstep, it’s only a short drive to totally immerse oneself in the tranquility of nature, whether it’s a romantic moonlight moment by the sea, mooring your yacht at the exclusive Private and VIP Marinas, or exploring the beauty of nature in the Cat Ba National Park.

For residents in the city seeking a secluded haven in total harmony with nature, or a foreigner from afar wanting to immerse himself in the natural beauty, culture and hospitality of Vietnam, or an investor or businessman looking to benefit from a visionary idea that is fully supported by the Government and with total commitment by VINACONEX-ITC, one of Vietnam’s leading real estate and tourism corporation, Cat Ba Amatina stands out for its great potential in investment returns, and equally important, happiness and peace in life.

For further information, please contact:

Vinaconex Investment and Tourism Development JSC
Add: Floor 1st – Building 17T5, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.6281 5347 – 6281 5364 – Fax: 84.4.6281 5349
E-mail: – Website:

Bazaar Avenue Villas

10 Jan
VNREBe a part of Cat Ba Amatina – world class to integrated marina – casino – theme park resort, Bazaar Avenue villa village is located in a favorable position and should be considered as the center area of the whole project.

This villa village is planned to complete technical infrastructure in the third quarter of 2010. Owning a villa in the Bazaar Avenue village is really a peerless investment chance for investors.

With a total area of 7,205m2 divided into 22 three-storey-villas , Owners can themselves choose interior architecture and design style according to their own commercial purposes such as restaurant, mini-hotel, beauty salon, health care service, bar, café, tourism office business… For exterior design, they must follow approved architecture of the project.

Floor area for each storey in a villa is designed to ensure a maximal width and stable structure to easily put dividing partitions in accordance with the commercial purpose.

In addition, Cat Ba Amatina project not only attracts more and more tourists but also is a living and trading place of about 7000 people. Bazaar Avenue villa village will provide multi-services for residents and tourists. Therefore, Bazaar Avenue villa Village – villas with living and commercial purpose is really an appropriate form to invest and develop.

Today, the demand for traveling has constantly been improving, including needs of shopping and enjoying various kinds of tourism services. Bazaar Avenue villa village – one of sub-projects of Cat Ba Amatina with high-class services, will undoubtedly meet “booming” tourist plans and remind tourists of returning to satisfy their demand of shopping and enjoying services here.

In case, Owners just need villas in Commercial avenue area for their vacation and relaxation demand, Vinaconex – ITC easily meets their needs. Owning a villa in the Bazaar Avenue villa village, owners and their family will dispose immediately high-class services, at once possess really private space and enjoy the pleasure of highest value of the resort with billions of dollars estimated investment capital.

Opportunities will succeed opportunities while the value of the villa village will have been confirmed. Besides the desire and will to show their class, individuals have another strong motivation – it is efficient support from banks – partners of Vinaconex – ITC – the reputable owner of Cat Ba Amatina project.

For further information, please contact:

Vinaconex Investment and Tourism Development JSC
Add: Floor 1st – Building 17T5, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.6281 5347 – 6281 5364 – Fax: 84.4.6281 5349
E-mail: – Website:

Song Gia Resort Complex

19 May
Song Gia Resort Complex in Hai Phong city, invested by Amco Mibaek Vina with investment capital of $150 million, covering 103.5 hectares and including an 18-hole golf course and 9-hole practice course, 264 apartments, 439 condos and 101 villas. Construction in the first phase is expected to be completed in 2010.


Resort & Villa

(informations are updating)

For further information, please contact:

Amco Mibaek Vina Co. Ltd
Add: 8F, DG Tower, Tran Phu Street, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City
Tel: 84.31.365 2010 – Fax: 84.31.365 2014.

Cat Ba Amatina

5 May
– May 05 2010, Vinaconex Investment & Tourism Development Joint Stock Company (Vinaconex-ITC JSC) has launched the Cat Ba Amatina tourism urban area project in Haiphong City with a total investment of US$1 billion.

The project will cover more than 170 hectares in Cat Hai District with seven resorts, 800 villas, two cruise wharfs, a convention center and international commercial center, sports and entertainment areas and five-star hotels. The tourism urban area is designed under world-class environment protection standards.

The project is designed by U.S.-based group 70/Pacmar, Inc., Vinaconex R&D Joint Stock Co. and French Land Design Group. The area is expected to accommodate about 7,000 people.

In addition, Vinaconex-ITC has also announced that it will trade 30 million shares on the Hanoi Stock Exchange on May 10 under the code VCR.

The enterprise earned 50 billion dong in revenue and 19 billion dong in after tax profits in 2009. The company has obtained over 20 billion dong in pre-tax profits in this year’s first quarter, 30% of 2010’s target.

The enterprise has plans to issue six million shares to existing shareholders to increase its chartered capital to 360 billion dong this year to develop the Cat Ba Amatina project and other real estate projects in Hanoi and Haiphong cities.

Source: The Saigon Times

The Flamboyant Island

21 Apr


The Flamboyant Island is located in Do Son – Hai Phong, a famous tourist area in North Vietnam. It was the entertainment and recreation place for the kings and high ranking officials in the past. The Flamboyant Island not only inherits brilliant and pretty scenery of Do Son but also creates its own pure, unique and elegant beauty.

The Flamboyant Island lies in Van Huong Bay, which has been a famous place for ships and vessels to avoid storms. With its special terrain, climate in this region is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

– 300 m far from Do Son Casino
– 3 km far from Don Son Seaside Golf Resort
– 10 nautical miles (18km) far from Ha Long Bay by high-speed train
– 20 km far from Cat Bi International Airport
– 22 km far from the center of Ha Phong City
– 90 km far from Hanoi Capital by highway 120 km/h


The Flamboyant Island has a total area of nearly 60 ha. It’s designed into a luxurious resort community with the first 5 star hotel in Hai Phong and about 150 villas for sale. The Flamboyant Island is divided into 5 regions representing the 5 petals of the flamboyant flower and the central region representing its pistil.

* Apollo Villa area

– Area: 47,910 m2

If Apollo is a sound-mind, talent God of Light, Truth and Art, Apollo villa is a spacious, luxurious and precise place. 56 villas are located on a land facing the sea in the front and poetic mountainous view of Do Son behind. The lake and green park right in the center of this area create one ideal living space for people keen on a peaceful landscape.

– The villas area: from 403 to 622 m2
– Villa model: Saint Basque, Ashley

* Poseidon villa area

– Total area: 61,941 m2

Poseidon, the powerful God of the Sea, “who quakes the earth.” His power and capacity dominate in every villa here. Locating along the main road with the width of 12m, this is the most convenient villa area for the traffic. Nature is airy and romantic, clouds run endlessly. With a boundless beach, the lapping of the waves dissolving into a whisper of the pine forest on the hill, 61 Poseidon villas are valuable gifts for anyone that knows how to enjoy his life.

– Area of the villas: from 495 to 654 m2
– Villa Model: Saint Basque, Ashley, Malibu, Simonetta

* Helios villa area

– Total area: 75.884 m2

Helios, God of the Sun, a powerful God using a metaphor to express potential power, energy and brilliant values of Helios villa area. The Helios area is next to the 5-star hotel, harbor, and seaplane landing place. Moreover, Helios has various natural beaches which are built to serve residents in the Flamboyant Island. This is a large area with 50 of the most luxurious and splendid villas. Some villas are facing the sea to welcome the gentle breeze while others are looking towards the flower garden. Helios becomes an absolutely beautiful petal in the overall Flamboyant Island.

– Villa area: from 503 to 937 m2
– Villa model: Malibu, Simonetta

* Eros area

– Total area: 63,475 m2

Eros area includes villas for lease, a marina serving residents on the island, and recreation places such as: a club, sport house, large-scale swimming pool, medical aid station and kindergarten. Nothing is more enjoyable than having our body served by perfect caring service in fanciful light and scenery of the sea and sky in Do Son.

* Zeus five-star hotel

– Total area: 80,028 m2

* Perspective view of the five-star hotel

Zeus is the king of Gods; Zeus area concentrates every super-utility serving personal purposes of the Flamboyant Island owner: harbor, water park, seaplane landing space, and airport. Zeus hotel area is also the only place having gentle waves which are appropriate for building a natural beach. Located beside the beach is a five-star hotel with 28 stories in the shape of a sail filled with wind. The unique and modern structure of Zeus hotel is the most outstanding point on the Flamboyant Island.

* Trade center

* Perspective view or illustration of the Trade Center from Newlink Gallery

Center of the project is the pistil planned to be a trade center and food street having modern two-storey architecture with a wavy Teflon (ETFE) roof. This is a recreation and shopping area for residents on the island or an ideal place for holding conferences.

Type of investment

The project of planning the Flamboyant Island has been approved under Decision No. 419/QD-UB dated February 26th, 2003 by People’s Committee of Hai Phong City together with other villa areas including Apollo, Poseidon, Helios to permanently own Zeus five-star hotel and rent the Eros resort area for fifty years.

For further information, please contact:

Daso Group
Add: 62-64 Le Thi Rieng Street, District I, HCM City
Tel: 84.8.3832 2793 – Fax: 84.8.3839 1606
Email :

VSIP Hai Phong, a coastal city with great potential

13 Jan

Situated along the banks of the Cam River, Hai Phong is a major sea port for the northern region with easy access to the Gulf of Tonkin and the world.

The strategic location of Vietnam’s third largest city brings great potential for the devepment of the industrial park and township of VSIP Hai Phong.

VSIP Hai Phong, Township and Industrial park of 1,600ha, 1,100ha for Township
and 500ha for Industrial Park, is available for booking by early 2009.

For further information, please contact:

VSIP Hai Phong Co., Ltd.
Add: 175 National Road 10, Pho Moi,
Tan Duong Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong
Tel: 84.31.395 9868 – Fax: 84.31.395 9886.

International Tinh Thanh

7 Jun


International Tinh Thanh is one of the largest developments explored and invested in Hai Phong by Chinese Khai De Group.

It is near Cuu Vien mountain in the South, adjacent to Le Duan street in the North, 1km from Kien An center in the South-West and 5km from the city in the North.


With the total area of 43,000 m2 and ground area and between 2 large sized villa developments, International Tinh Thanh is really internationalized and modernized urban area by created by 17 high buildings.

Urban facilities

The entrance to the apartment’s square divided the apartment into 2 directions: East and West. About 100m from main road is entertainment square of 20,000 sq.m including water Tower, 4000 sq.m trading area, 2000 sq.m entertainment area, large parking area and green tree area, which serves living standard.

Moreover, there are many other facilites like tennis court, swimming pool, children park, walking way, flower garden, sport area.

International Tinh Than comprises 17 high buildings, whose ground floors are for retail areas including separate shops. With ancient Europen architecture, all the roofs were covered by dark ash grey tiles and outside walls were painted with light coffee colour, which reflex a modern architectural style. Each 2 apartments were equipped with 2 lifts. It is likely that all apartments are ventilated and full of lights. The building has professional services like 24 hour security, sanitation, thief alarm, electronic patrol system which assure inhabitants here safe life.

The project is predicted to last 3 years. After completion, International Tinh Thanh will rank the 1st among the complete multi-functional urban area in Hai Phong.

The total investment for development is 300 million USD.

For further information, please contact:

Khai De Group – Chinese
Add: Cuu Vien Urban Area – Kien An District – Hai Phong City
Tl: 84.313.676 876 – Fax: 84.313.676 915.

Cozyvill – Hai Phong

16 Jul


Location: No 2A So Dau Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City. + Gross Project Area: 22.436,3 m2 + Construction area: 4.443,8 m2 + Public area: 17.992,5 m2 + Height of Buildings: 69.57 m + Building Coverage Area : 65.622,74 m2 + Building Plan: Three 20-storey buildings and one 9-storey multi-purpose building. + Number of apartments: 432 luxurious units. + Living Facilities: Swimming Pool, English Kindergarten, Restaurant, Café, Fitness Center, Golf Training Center, Rental Offices. + Parking Lot: More than 200 cars. + Construction period: 24 to 27 months.


– On September 2nd 2006, Model House starts to build. – On Feb 2nd 2007, Model House is open for viewing from 7.30 to 17.00 daily. – On Apr 10th 2007: Breaking Ceremony is held with VIP guests and visitors. – On May 13th – June 23th 2007: Bored-pile test is carried out. – On June 24th – now: Background construction is being executed. – In the third quarter, 2009, Project is going to be completed.



Cozyvill is the successful achievement of non-stop creation from leading Korean experts. In here, the harmonious features of modernity and tradition in one structure will surely bring fresh and brand-new sense of perfect life to residents. Besides the favorite Korean style, Cozyvill is beautified with features simple but really attractive for relaxation, they are vendure park where you can go for walk in peaceful moments under cool shadows of trees, Children’s Park where whole family can play together and share precious seconds of lifetime or luxury Café where you can sip a hot cup of coffee looking people up and down on the streets,… All is created for your perfect life.


Cozyvill is located in the west gate of Flamboyant City. Besides the convenience that bus and taxi systems bring, you can enjoy the moments going by cars and motorbikes on large roads to crowded Central City, Haiphong Port busy with ships full of goods, or the biggest Industrial Zone of Haiphong – producing a large quantity of products for not only City but also Country. Moreover, Cozyvill is the place where you can travel to biggest entertainment zones in North of Vietnam such as International Exhibition Center, Biosphere Reservation Zone of CatBa, beautiful beaches of Do Son, Cat Co, International Resorts like Tuan Chau, Halong Bay in Quang Ninh, Star Golf Court in Chi Linh – Hai Duong, etc.

In addtion, in the newest source from Government, high-speed national routes from Haiphong to Hanoi Capital is going to be constructed in the few years’ time so that it will takes you only 1 hour instead of more than 2 hours now. In short, without location in Central City, Cozyvill still feels the breath of great changes of the City, especially Central City but does not suffer from disadvantage of crowded and noisy states. There is no traffic jam, no smoke and exhaust from vehicles and no noise of whistles. There is only peaceful moments remained when sharing in nature, together with family or romance time of viewing busy city from balconies…


Cozyvill is the harmony of Cozy – the warmness, friendliness and Village – the consolidation, share in traditional villages. That’s what Cozyvill advance to.

General Facilities

In Cozyvill, you will not only set your mind free in luxurious apartments but also have exhausted time of sports such as swimming, golf, etc in fitness center or peaceful time of hot coffee in romantic cafe.

Especially, English kindergarten and playground here brings fun for your lovely kids and verdure garden gives you joy to your family together.

Moreover, there is high-speed elevator system for your convenience of traveling in the Building and dynamo to provide for elevators 24/24 if power-cut.


+ Centre gas system project connected to each apartment with output meter, gas expense is charged according to used output without fear of gas-cut while cooking + Television Cable system, high-speed Internet, surrounding sound system, telephone system ready to connect. + Ventilation pipe system ready for installation + Large and separate laundry room suitable to Vietnamese climate. + Hot-Water System installed in each apartment shall provide for all demand of family members.


Security System for 24/7 with series of surveillance cameras around Cozyvill, in each Building, elevator, corridor… Put your faith of safety on us when far away on business trips or travels.

Vincom Plaza

24 Aug
Vincom Plaza- a commercial, office and apartment area is situated at 4 Le Thanh Ton street, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong. This is a luxurious mix-used complex with largest function in Hai Phong inclusive of three 28 floor towers, 3 basements. The 1st- 5th floors are for trading center, the 6th floor is for technical department and services, the rest upstairs floors are offices and luxurious apartments.

Total floor area: more than 137,000 sq.m.
Total investment capital: 1,400 billion VND.

This will be a modern building that satisfy international standards of luxurious property complex. Thanks to modern architectural style, open space and good geographic location, Vincom Plaza will feature the outlook of Hai Phong’s architecture as well as plans.

It is predicted that it will take 24 months to finish Vincom Plaza project and it will have put into operation by 2010.

Vincom HP JSC – both a 100% Vietnamese invested and managed enterprise and a member of Vincom Group which ranks one of the most prestigious real estate companies with a large number of big developments in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh and other provinces – is Vincom Plaza’s developer.

Contact Information

Vincom Joint Stock Company
191 Ba Trieu st., Le Dai Hanh ward, Ha Ba Trung dist., Ha Noi
Tel: 84.4.974 9999 – Fax: 84.4.9748888