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Vuon Mai Gated Community

21 Jan

VNRE – Vuon Mai Villas with the site area 7.68 hectares includes 109 detached villas and 34 semi detached villas. Vuon Mai Villas will only occupy about 40% of the site areas. Vihajico will use 2.4ha to build two central parks (Club House) and plant hundreds of large trees shading community constructions including Club, Swimming pool, tennis courts and open spaces. Top landscape architects will harmoniously combine large trees with shade trees and hundreds of kinds of flowers, to create an amazing natural green backdrop to the villa developments.

All villas are to be built using the latest ‘green’ construction methods and their designs will highlight open space. Once the exterior shells are complete, they will be handed over to customers, who can determine their own design styles for each room as well as the decoration for their villas. You will have plenty of opportunities and space to express your own ideas and style through your villa.


Semi-detached Villas



For further information, please contact:

Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment JSC
Add: 13th Floor, Vietcombank Tower 198 Tran Quang Khai Street
Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi Capital
Tel: 84.4.3936 3940 – Fax: 84.4.3936 4174.

Savills Vietnam – Exclusive Sales Agent
82B Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.3946 1300 – Hotline: 1900 555 565

Megastar Business Park

2 Jul

Megastar Business Park is a series of projects following the trend of Business Park by Megastar Land (a member of Megastar Group) with a combination of 3 traits: Environment – Industry – Human Friendly.

Business Park is not a new concept. It’s a common name of a high-tech areas, industrial areas, science research areas, offices, commercial areas and other functional areas. Whatever name peole call it, Business park is a combination of 2 concepts: park and business, creating a perfect space for living, working and relaxing in the same area.

Conforming to the government’s policy: encouraging projects invested by interprises or enterprises together with local authority. By 2020, Megastar Business Parks will include traditional industries and new industries, satisfying deversified demands of both local and foreign investors. The important features in developing Megastar Business Parks are solution to green, clean and flexible planning; developing thoroughly the terrain, environment, ecological condition in order to establish multi-functional areas including multipurpose works ( workshops, offices, showrooms, commercial areas,…)

The advantages of Megastar Business Parks are: high quality space and working environment; good services of public works, creating a connection between enterprises, and ensuring security and safety of people and works. What’s more, Megastar Business Parks create good conditions in finance, tax incentive or government’s development policy as well as opportunities for local people to work in the Business Parks.


Yen My town is administrative, politic, economic, socio-cultural center of Yen My district. The town is located along Highway No.39A and provincial Road No.200, connecting to Highway No.5 from Ha Noi to Hai Phong, so to travel from Megastar Business Park to Hanoi Capital, Haiphong, Dinhvu port, Cailan port, Noibai International airport is quite convenient.

Advantages of the project

Convenient transportation: close to new highway No.5 (about 2km). Construction of this new highway was started on Feb./02/2009, and to be finished within 43 months (Aug, 2012). This highway will connect Hanoi capital with the biggest seaport in the North Vietnam and Highway No.1 to China border, under the framework of cooperation between the Mekong Sub-region expansion (GMS) and framework cooperation “Two corridors, one belt” Vietnam – China, connecting the ports in northern Vietnam with the southern provinces of China…;

Estimated price for rent to 2059: 550,000USD/ha (55USD/m2) (managing fee included)
Our price for rent is quite competitive compared to the ones regulated by other existing industrial parks in Hung Yen province. (For example: Industrial Zone – Thang Long II, the price is 70USD/m2…);

Labor resources is plentiful

An area of 13ha located in the center of the Project land with function of a green park to be built to improve environment conditions and separate industrial zones with business ones. The park will also take a place for relaxation of Megastar business employees and local people and act as buffer areas between the existing residential quarter and factories set up in the zone. This is the outstanding advantage of our Megastar Business park. (Designed by Nikken Sekkei – Japan);

Infrastructure conditions: transportation, electric power, water supply/drainage, waste water treatment to be provided fully for investors.

For further information, please contact:

Megastar Land
Head Office: Floor 5, Office Building, No. 434,
Tran Khat Chan Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Project Office: Megastar Factory Trung Hung,
Yen My District, Hung Yen Provice.
Tel: 84.4.3972 7901 – Fax: 84.4.3972 7903

Dai An New Urban City

17 Dec
Located at Van Giang District,Hung Yen Province, only 12.7 km far from Hanoi CBD. The project is developed along the old highway 5A Hanoi – Hai Phong and the new highway 5B Hanoi – Quang Ninh, next to the industrial parks such as Nhu Quynh A IP, Nhu Quynh B IP, Pho Noi A IP, Pho Noi B IP, Minh Duc IP.

The purpose of the project is supplying housing, services for local and foreign companies.

Legal Basis:

– Document No 1796/UBND – KTTH dated December 20,2007 of approval for the development of Dai An New Urban Project.

– Decision No 963/QĐ – UBND dated May 14, 2008 of approval for detail planning 1/2000 of Dai An New Urban City.

Overall planning

Residential area: It is divided into 5 zones, along the main roads and Bac Hung Hai river.

– Zone 1: Located at the north bordered with Nhu Quynh Town.
– Zone 2,3,4,5: Located at the south; on the Bac Hung Hai river side and road 207B

Services: Administrative center, shopping center, supermarket, sport center, petrol station…

Type: Mixed-use; Residential,retail, office, hotel

Total land area: 347 hectare
Site coverage : 24%
Plot ratio : 0.74 – 5.7
Maximum heigh : 60 meter
Total land area : 347 hectare
Project time : 10 – 15 years
Estimated investment capital: US$ 7 billion

For further infomation, please contact:

Dung Thanh Group
161 Pasteur Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: 84.8.3290 9346 – Fax: 84.8.3829 1347
Email :

Eco Park– The City of Green and Blue

29 Aug

Ecopark is currently the largest township development in Northern Vietnam with a total development area of 499.9 ha. The project is divided into 9 phases with a total estimated investment capital of over 8.2 billion US Dollars. With over 110 hectare in green areas and lakes, Ecopark presents the perfect harmony of humans and nature, a delicate balance between facilitating urban development and creating a natural environment. At Ecopark, urban expansion and Mother Nature unite to create vast expanses of green areas and blue waters. With the ecological ideal at our core, Ecopark preserves that which is uniquely Vietnam, both enviromentally and culturally.

Located just over 10km from the center of Hanoi, Ecopark is a mere 20 minute drive from the bustling city. Six direct access routes connect Ecopark and the center of Hanoi:

1. Take the Thanh Tri bridge (part of Ring road No.3), connecting to the Hanoi – Hung Yen highway (expected completion 2010).

2. Take the Vinh Tuy bridge, connecting to the Hanoi – Hung Yen highway.

3. Take the Chuong Duong bridge and follow the Red River dyke road (planned to be widened and upgraded).

4. Follow Highway 5 (Hanoi to Hai Phong).

5. Follow the future Highway 5B (Hanoi to Hai Phong).

6 Waterway on the Red River to the Bac Hung Hai River, running through Ecopark.

With the vision to create harmony between human and nature, Ecopark aims to bring together modern facilities of international standards in order to create the most enjoyable living environment for its residents.

Enjoy life with Ecopark’s complete range of modern facilities

The township’s facilities include public entertainment facilities such as cinemas, club house area, swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, parks, children’s playgrounds. The commercial and financial centre of Ecopark, located in the heart of the township, holds a conference center, an exhibition hall, a shopping plaza and supermarket, modern office buildings and a spacious square. A central green park is also planned to soften the landscape and act as a focal point of the commercial center. Ecopark’s master plan also calls for international standard hospitals and clinics, educational institutions from kindergarten to high school and a university. Residents of Ecopark will have an unparalleled opportunity to develop their minds and care for their bodies in a modern environment
admist nature’s beauty.

Ecopark, where traditional values stand the test of time

Still characteristically Vietnam – despite our plan to design and build a city with every benefit of modern technology, we know it is equally important to maintain and highlight the unique traditional features of this deep and captivating culture.

The brilliance of Ecopark “Old Town” (a themed village within our township) is the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Members of our community enjoy both a modern lifestyle while simultaneously allowing for the preservation of various cultural traditions, architectural styles, and much more. This will both enrich the spirit of life for residents of the township and make deep and lasting impressions on visiting tourists.

Ecopark, when concept becomes reality

The first development phase will offer villas and semi detached housing in a gated community setting, shop houses, mid rise and high rise apartment complex. Several residential facilities and commercial space in Phase 1 will also be offered, including international schools and kindergarten, swimming pools, gym and sports facilties, a club house and community area, children’s playground and parks.

We also place an emphasis on creating green parks and open area where you and your family can enjoy nature at its best, go for a walk or simply sit under the shade of a tree for a picnic. To be launched in the third quarter of 2009, Ecopark’s inaugural phase is set to cast a warm glow of harmony and tranquility over 54 ha of northern Vietnams landscape.

Luxury villas and semi-detached villas

Luxury villas and semi-detached villas with modern design, built on the principle of harmony between nature and residents – and with advanced construction methods protecting the environment.

Your house will be handed over to you bare shell, ready for your creativity to choose bathroom and kitchen fittings, floors, ceilings and interior design to your personal taste. Semi-detached villas range from 160 sqm to over 230 sqm and villas range from 290 sqm to over 766 sqm.

For further information, please contact:

Viet Hung Urban Development and Investment JSC
13th Floor, Vietcombank Tower 198 Tran Quang Khai Str – Hoan Kiem Dist – Ha Noi
Telephone: 84.4.3936 3940 – Fax: 84.4.3936 4174.

Savills Vietnam – Exclusive Sales Agent
82B Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Hanoi
Tel: 84.4.3946 1300 – Hotline: 1900 555 565

Megastar Business Park

8 Aug

– Megastar Business Park – Hung Yen is located in Hung Yen province, Vietnam.
– Investor: Megastar Land JSC
– PMU: Yen My 2 Business Park
– Planned by: Nikken Sekkei Civil Engineering.,Ltd (Japan)
– Invested capital: USD 70 Million
– Project size: Total 201,2ha (Stage 1: 131,2ha; Stage 2: 70 ha)
– Location: In Trung Hung, Trung Hoa, Yen My town – Hung Yen Prov., (see Hung Yen province map).

Results on Planning and Investment

18 Aug
The function of the planning Department and sectors is to counsel for different Party’s committees and local governments in establishing and managing socio-economic development plans.

Department of Planning and Investment has advised the provincial Party’s Committee and People’s Committee in organizing and managing successfully annual socio-economic development plans in such fields as:

  • Counselling the development and management of annual plans, Department of Planning and Investment has instructed sectors, districts and towns in developing five-year 2001-2005 plans which have been timely completed and carried out with high quality. In addition, Department of Planning and Investment has frequently coordinated, instructed and supported all sectors, local governments and enterprises to develop annual plans; the Department synthesizes plans of other Departments, sectors, districts and towns to submit to the provincial People’s Committee in order to assign plans by required deadline. Planning criteria have complied closely with the national socio-economic development orientations and are suitable for current local conditions. They also combine satisfactorily the exploitation of local capacities with supports from the Government and national ministries and sectors as well as reveal determinations of the Party’s Committee, local governments and people in Hung Yen.
  • Monitoring and supervising regularly the implementation of production and trading plans and of socio-cultural development to actively propose recommendations to the Province in order to complete well assigned plans. Department of Planning and Investment has fulfilled its role as a body drafting and developing strategic plans for Party Congress and important conferences of the provincial Party’s Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee and all Party’s committees and local governments.
  • Grasping firmly all local capacities and advantages to exploit effectively the potentials of land, human resources, close distance to the national capital, and the centre of the key economy zone in the North.
  • Receiving and carrying out efficiently governmental investments as well as instructions and main orientations in order to allow Hung Yen to have stages of steady evolution, change drastically the economy composition, and develop fastly the industry and service.
  • Right from 1997 when the province was re-established, with supports from the Institute of Development Strategy (Ministry of Planning and Investment), Department of Planning and Investment has coordinated with other Departments and local governments to construct the socio-economic development master plan 1997-2010 and some strategic orientations towards 2020 as baseline information to establish development strategies for sectors, industry zone development plans, and urban centres, master plans for districts and towns, five-year and annual plans. Targets by 2010 have still been used to develop plans by sectors and local governments.
  • Advising the application of governmental policies in order to promulgate policies suitable for the province such as regulations on capital construction investment. Because investment in construction in a newly re-established province is crucial, Department of Planning and Investment has counselled the provincial Party’s Committee and People’s Committee to invest in the most pressing production sectors such as irrigation, animal stocks, cropping, transport, health and education.

Department of Planning and Investment is responsible for instructing other Departments, sectors, districts and towns on the application of capital construction investment, bidding regulations, investment project management regulations; monitoring and grasping firmly the implementation progress of the capital construction investment; and timely finding and recommending the most efficient way to use the investment funds without causing any losses.

Provincial Party’s Committee and People’s Committee have acknowledged achievements of the adviser body on investing and constructing rationale works which basically bring in realistic benefits and promote the development of the province economy.

Regards to investment campaign and attraction, Department of Planning and Investment is assigned by the provincial People’s Committee to receive projects and advise the Province on investment incentive policies and investment project receiving process to create an advantageous environment to attract investments. By 30th September 2004, the total number of investment projects in the province is 320, of which 41 are foreign direct investment (FDI) projects. Approximate 125 projects have already put into operation, of which 31 are FDI projects. In September 2004, there were 64 projects investing in the province, of which five had foreign invested capital. The total registered capital is US$ 900 million by 30/09/2004, of which implemented capital constitutes US$ 400 million.

Projects, which have already put into operation, have practically created job opportunities for 35,000 people, contributed to the budget, and directed the province economy composition concentrating more on the service and industry.

The Department is a general adviser for the province having close relationships with governmental ministries and sectors. The Department counsels for provincial Party’s Committee and People’s Committee on managing annual plans, reviewing and revising programs and projects in many fields and sectors. In campaign to attract ODA capital, Department of Planning and Investment is the connecting link with other governmental ministries and instructs other sectors to develop projects using ODA capital. Some projects, which starting to disperse, have annual plan of operations in subsequent years, namely:

  • Provincial Hospital project;
  • Hung Yen Water Factory; Hung Yen township wastewater treatment project;
  • Clean water supply for some towns in the province project

with a total investment capital of US$ 24 million.

The counselling task of the Department of Planning and Investment has produced many results. Socio-economic development achievements in Hung Yen Province in the past seven years are considerably contributed by Department of Planning and Investment.

Some socio-economic achievements of the province, namely:

  • The economy 1997-2000 grew by 12.3% (economic growth goals planned by the province and outlined in the provincial 14th Party session were about 10% and 11%).
  • The economic growth was about 11.05% in 2001, 12.2% in 2002, 12.6% in 2003 and 12.8% in 2004.
  • Change in economy composition is positive.


Industry, Construction














Goals of the 14th Party Congress




Goals of the 15th Party Congress




  • Change in industrial and agricultural production composition is positive.
  • Agriculture production values increase, on average, 5% per year.
  • Industrial production value increases more than 20% per year. The value was VND 355 billion in 1996, VND 2,350 billion in 2000, and VND 5,890 billion in 2004; contributing about VND 68 billion to the budget in 1996, VND 548 billion in 2003 and VND 906.226 billion in 2004.
  • The industry production value of Hung Yen province ranks nineteenth out of 64 cities and provinces.
  • Average GDP/capita has increased from US$ 180 in 1996 to US$ 300 in 2000 and US$430 in 2003. The living conditions of all people have been improved; there are no longer hunger households in Hung Yen; the number of poor households reduced from 10% in 1996 to 6.67% in 2000 and is planned to be 3% in 2005.