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Beautiful concept architecture of Thu Thiem New Urban Area

1 Dec
VNRE – Our vision for the Thu Thiem New Urban Area is to reflect the colorful, exuberant and multi-faceted atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City, while weaving both traditional and modern elements to create a contemporary waterfront, bridge and urban plaza.

The new Crescent Park is a mirror of the Saigon River’s water surface, where ripple patterns are magnifi ed and deeply etched along the waterfront, creating a series of undulating sculpted landforms. This monumental earthwork, stretching a distance of two kilometers, is comprised of unique, individually contained spaces, fluidly melding the shoreline with the land.

The Park’s surface is sculpted, scooped and hollowed, providing both intimate garden settings and large spaces for both active and passive recreations. The street and sidewalk is shaded with the familiar but magnificcent and dignified Ficus lyrata. Extensive landscaping also highlights Vietnam’s lush fl ora. The waterfront promenade is accented in layers of delicate Bauhinia purpurea and Plumeria acutifolia, winding through a series of tropical fragrance gardens.

Weaving the land with folklore tales, we refer to “The Story of Tam and Cam”. This magical story is retold in the Secret Garden’s “Fern Well”, where shallow wells are ringed with lush ferns containing gold fish ponds.

Nestled between a Pandanus Grove and the aromatic Ginger Grove is an elongated, undulating landform clad with a skin of diamond-shaped solar panels resembling dragon scales. By day, the scale-like panels rotate with the path of the sun. By night, upon complete rotation, the reverse side of the solar panels transform into a “Nightingale Garden”, fi lling the air with the sweet fragrance of Night Blooming Jasmine. Combined with the woody aroma of burning incense (used as mosquito and insect repellent), and the earthy scent of the river, the winding promenade will turn into a fragrant path with its own aromatic ambience, becoming a romantic evening destination.

Colorful “Glass Beaches” front the river shoreline. A series of steps along waterfront allow access to the floating market, ferry terminal and water taxi station.

Source: Cao | Perrot Studio.

Foster & Partner carry out the research of financial district in Thu Thiem New Urban Area

26 Apr
VNREOn April 26, 2011, Foster & Partner consulting firm presented the preliminary ideas planned of the International Finance District for Thu Thiem New Urban Area. The participants attended including the Thu Thiem ICA, Department of Planning – Architecture, and Department of Transportation.

Departments and Thu Thiem ICA highly valued and impressed with the research in which propose new ideas for the plan. The proposals detail that relating to the solution design for space at central zone in order to create attraction, active in order to shape the International Financial Center in Thu Thiem New Urban Area.
However, there’re many solutions ideas in the proposal differ from the detailed planning at scale 1/2000 of Thu Thiem New Urban Area that was approved in 2005, and the principles which were defined in the the contents tasks of partial adjustment of detailed planning at scale 1/2000 of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, in which People’s Committee of HCMC has approved and being implemented by Sasaki- the consulting. Therefore, Foster & Partner need to compliance general principles of the master plan and coordinate with Sasaki consulting to ensure the uniformity and harmony.
The delegates suggested Foster & Partners need to conduct a deeper research on the scope of the planed area of international financial center, to clarify details about the layout space, details of key functional areas, about the related architectural space and landscape, and the infrastructure condition… Foster and Partners has to analyze and evaluate the feasibility factors and established conditions of International Financial Centre; as well in making a comparison between the history and development conditions of some major financial district in the region and the world such as Hong Kong , Singapore and London.
Thu Thiem ICA will continue to coordinate and provide the necessary updates documents for the Foster & Partners consulting as well appropriate suggestion to solutions.
Reported by Thuan Thao | Thu Thiem ICA.

$1.1bil bonds issue to build new urban area

17 Aug
The HCM City People’s Committee has approved the issue of bonds worth VND20 trillion (US$1.12 billion) for developing the Thu Thiem new urban area in District 2.

The People’s Committee and the HCMC Urban Development Investment Fund will issue the three and five year bonds that will carry fixed interest rates that will be paid annually.

The bond issuance will be implemented in two phases: VND14 trillion will be issued between now and 2010, and the remaining VND6 trillion in 2010.

The money raised from the bonds will be used to build technical infrastructure facilities in the Thu Thiem new urban area.

The Thu Thiem Urban Area project managers are actively calling for domestic and foreign companies to invest in major projects including the Observation Tower complex, the northern residential complex, the eastern high-grade hotel complex, the office building complex along the East-West Highway and the area’s multi-functional centre.

The city will collect money from investors to repay bond buyers on schedule.

The Thu Thiem new urban area project, which started implementation in 1996, is located in the peninsular of the same name, opposite District 1 across the Sai Gon river. The area comprises the An Khanh, Thu Thiem, An Loi Dong, Binh An and Binh Khanh wards in District 2.

It covers an area of seven square kilometres and almost all its buildings will be ten to 40 storeys high.

Once completed, this new urban area will replace District 1 as the city centre. It will be connected to the existing downtown area by several bridges and a 6-lane tunnel which are under construction.

Source: Vietnam News

VIJA Park – Thu Thiem New Urban Area

17 Nov
Progress: compensation completed, now preparing to start construction.

Phase 1:

– 40 storey office building – 198m: Q1 2009
– 25 storey office building – 130m: 2009
– 20 storey office building – 94m: 2009
– 18 storey apartment – 78m: Dec 2008

Phase 2:

– 2 – 40 storeys – office buildings: 2010


Image from: LoveSaigon

French firm wins urban design award

24 Oct
The French design company Deso has beaten 77 others to win first prize in a competition to design a new urban area in Thu Thiem, Ho Chi Minh City.

The competition, launched worldwide on March 17, 2008 to find the best design for the new urban area, received 78 entries from 25 countries.

Deso’s winning design focuses on building a series of new community spaces and creating an integrated natural environment and was considered to be an extremely ambitious yet feasible design.

The second and third prizes were awarded to Switzerland’s Hager Landschaftsarchitektur AG and Hong Kong China ’s Edawin respectively.

All of the designs are on display at Ho Chi Minh City’s Museum for Public Opinions until Oct. 28.

Source: VNA

S’appuyant sur une identité affirmée des sols en terre, le projet développe de vastes espaces publics chaînés aux espaces commerciaux, et aux paysages lacustres créés.Le projet s’insère dans la trame de la future ville nouvelle dessinée par l’agence Sasaki (USA).La réalisation du projet prévue dés les années 2010 offre de nombreuses perspectives et opportunités, réalisation du parc, aménagement des quais, créations de ponts.Les grands principes de composition (barges flottantes sur le fleuve) et quais en terre cuite donnent une identité forte au nouveau quartier. Le projet est conçu comme un réservoir d’espace précieux soumis aux grands principes climatiques dans une capitale dense en pleine mutation.

Diamond Island

6 Sep

Architectural statement

Situated in one of the most attractive and interesting site in Ho Chi Minh City, Diamond Island has the rare advantage of close proximity to the city business center and at the same time a secluded natural environment with uninterrupted views to the Saigon River and to the old Ho Chi Minh City.

Starting with no preconceptions, Arata Isozaki & Associates developed an environmental and completely new approach to residential design. Integrating and utilizing the natural attributes of the site such as breezes, river views and water on all sides, a new prototype for high end residential buildings and living has been created.

The entire project will be constructed on a green elevated mound which will hide all parking and services while elevating the residential area and creating a large green park to the benefit of the residents. With clean & modern interior layouts, all residential units are to enjoy a minimum of three unique views to the Saigon River and the surrounding, a porous facade and maximum privacy.

Arata Isozaki & Associates truly believes Diamond Island will become a new architectural icon for Ho Chi Minh City and an example for the possibilities of forward thinking & green design.

Redefining Exclusivity

With internationally recognized architects Arata Isozaki & Associates (Japan) and Ho Thieu Tri & Associates (France-Vietnam) combined with leading experts in their field such as Bouygues Construction (France), Meinhardt International (Australia), Surbana (Singapore), our projects reflect the highest international quality standards and innovations.

Diamond Island is an exclusive waterfront community located on a unique island site and only 10 minutes from Saigon city pier. Surrounded by exceptional river views and vast green landscapes, this unique development offers luxury apartments, premium sky villas, an exclusive yachting club, Boutique hotel, tennis courts, swimming pools, kindergarten, promenade and marina view fine dining restaurants. All for the exclusive use of this privileged and private community.

Total area: 8.6 hectares
Total built space: 200,000 m2
Estimated construction cost: US$ 200 million
Expected completion: 2011.

Source: Binh Thien An REC

Today work to start on US$1.2-billion software park

20 Jul

TA Associates Vietnam Limited will commence work on a US$1.2-billion software park in Thu Thiem new urban area on Saturday, more than a month after it received an investment certificate.

The developer of the project in An Loi Dong Ward in District 2 is a 20:80 joint venture between Saigon Telecommunication and Technologies Corp (SaigonTel) of Vietnam and Singapore’s TA Associates International.

This is one of the first projects that will get off the ground in Thu Thiem New Urban Area which will become a modern town when in place. The Thu Thiem Software Park will be built on nearly 16 hectares of land along the East-West Highway in the new town, which is opposite the city’s current commercial district.

In addition to offices for lease, there will be attaining center, commercial retail spaces and business facilities inside the park. The training center will provide skilled labor for tenants.

The project will develop seven 20-story buildings having total floor space of 650,000 square meters, with some 487,500 square meters of it for hi-tech, software and chip design companies, banks and others; 97,500 square meters for commercial and retail purposes and 65,000 square meters for residential for experts.

SaigonTel is a member of Saigon Invest Group while the Singapore firm is a member of Taiwan’s Teco Group.

Dang Thanh Tarn, chairman of Saigon Invest Group, said Teco was operating the 10-hectare Nankang Software Park in Taipei, which yields annual revenue of some US$10 billion, and the park in Vietnam would be home to some software companies from Nankang.

The Thu Thiem Software Park will contribute to the process of transforming Vietnam’s labor force to a high-tech one, and attract other companies to invest in the technology sector, he said.

Some 1,200 tenants are estimated to set up shop in the park. The park will be completed within seven years and a half. However, the project will be partially commissioned by end-2012, and will create 40,000 new jobs in the construction process and 70,000 other jobs for software specialists and information technology engineers thereafter.

Tam said the park in Thu Thiem would result in an extra US$2.95 billion in foreign direct investment, contribute US$4.3 billion in taxes, and generate US$6.5 billion in annual output.

Speaking at the license award ceremony in June, Theodore M. H. Huang, chairman of Teco Group and of TA Associates Vietnam Limited, said the park in Thu Thiem would be made similar to the Nankang park to attract ICT companies.

As the biggest single software park project in Vietnam, the park is expected to contribute significantly to the restructuring of the city’s economy towards service, especially for the hi-tech sector, and make the city the largest software development center in the region.

This is the second IT project to be licensed in Thu Thiem new urban area. The first worth US$610 million is Vija Brain Park of Japan’s Vija PowerSource Corp. (Vija Power).

Source: Saigon Times

Metropolis Thao Dien

28 Jun

LocationA New Concept of Living

Architecture Statement

Encompassing a rich program of residential, recreation, park, retail and office towers, Thao Dien is a 21st century civic center. The project will provide a city scale anchor for entertainment, international business and high end residential.

The site is strategically situated along the main highway connecting the east and west side of Ho Chi Minh City and the project includes a public facade along the highway with state of the art office towers, retail & entertainment facilities. Two sculptural office towers facing each other create a large scale city gate with a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. A green park separates the commercial and public from the residential & private area and also acts as a sound buffer.

Tying and uniting the towers & the commercial area is a city block long steel canopy which provides shade, public spaces and a strong architectural presence relating to the adjacent highway. The individual architectural solution for each function will ensure a rich architectural composition and a dynamic living and working environment.


The Real Good Life at Its Best

With internationally recognized architect Arata Isozaki & Associates (Japan) combined with the leading experts such as Turner International (USA), our projects reflect the highest international quality standards and innovations.

Metropolis-Thao Dien is a world-class complex located at a short drive from downtown Saigon offering high quality residential apartments, landmark commercial offices, state-of-the-art retails shopping, cosmopolitan restaurants, plus a modern cinema complex and the latest technology entertainment centre – all in one central location.

* Total area: 8 hectares.

* Total built space: 600,000 m2.

* Estimated construction cost: US$ 350 million.

* Expected completion: 2011


A World – Class Complex – All in one location

* State-of-art Shopping Mall

* Landmark Offices Towers

* High-quality Residential Apartments

* Cosmopolitan Restaurants

* Modern Cinema Complex

* Latest Technology Entertainment Centre

* Exceptional Promenade Plaza

* Unique Green Park Landscape.

Source: Binh Thien An REC

Thu Thiem – the urban center of future

2 May
Opposite to Ho Chi Minh City Center, Thu Thiem peninsula performs like a padlock closely connecting two lands raised by Saigon River, which creates a lively generous boat-and-wharf landscape of the South Delta since its dawn. Since such relationship has been affirmed as key orientation for the city extension and sustainable development formulation for the Eastern of Saigon River connecting to the potential South-East Area, Thu Thiem is considered a heart of the city with its functions of a new modern urban area, financial, commercial and service center of the city in the 21st century and selected as one of the five major projects of Ho Chi Minh City in the 8th Party Congress (2005- 2010).
Thu Thiem New Urban Area locates in Thu Thiem peninsula including An Khanh, Thu Thiem, An Loi Dong, Binh An, Binh Khanh Wards of District 2 and faces the existing center by Saigon River.

Thu Thiem New Urban Area borders:

– Saigon River (Binh Thanh District) in the North
– Saigon River (District 7) in the South
– Binh Khanh Ward (District 2) in the East
– Saigon River (District 1 and District 4) in the West

On November 01, 2001, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued Decision No. 103/2001/QĐ-UB on establishing Thu Thiem Investment and Construction Authority in order to implement the government and investment management as regulations; pursuant to Decision No. 367/QĐ-TTG dated 04/6/1996 and Document No. 190/CP-NN dated 22/02/2002 of Prime Minister on planning approval and land recall for Thu Thiem construction (including 770 ha for the new urban area and 160 ha for resettlement); On 10/5/2002 Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued Decision No. 1997/QĐ-UB to recall 621.4328 ha in the Thu Thiem New Urban Area construction plan at Thu Thiem, An Khanh, An Loi Dong, Binh Khanh and Binh An Wards of District 2 and assigned Thu Thiem ICA to deploy the project;

– Serving the resettlement of Thu Thiem New Urban Area Project, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued the followings: Decision No. 3617/QĐ-UB dated 04/9/2002 on 90.2607 ha land recall in An Phu Ward, District 2; Decision No. 497/QĐ-UB dated 20/01/2003 on 6.3696 ha land recall in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2 and assigned Thu Thiem ICA to build resettlement area serving Thu Thiem New Urban Area Project and to recall project sites in District 2 for resettlement; Decision No. 2955/QĐ-UB dated 24/6/2004 to recall 1.1715 ha in An Phu Ward for An Phu resettlement area construction; Decision No. 1819/QĐ-UB dated 14/5/2002 to recall 1.2109 ha of An Phu – An Khanh Urban Area; Document No. 6271/UB-ĐT dated 20/10/2004 to recall 50 ha in Group III, Cat Lai of the former Cat Lai Industrial Park Project.

On 24/11/2003, Prime Minister issued Document No. 1642/CV-CNN allowing Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee to coordinate with Ministry of Construction approving the adjustment of master plan, detailed plan and assignment of consultant for Thu Thiem New Urban Area Detailed Plan; on 27/12/2003, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee issued Decision No. 6565/QĐ-UB and Decision No. 6566/QĐ- UB on approval of Thu Thiem New Urban Area 1/5,000 General Plan, 1/2,000 Detailed Plan; Thu Thiem ICA coordinated with People’s Committee of District 2 in announcing the said detailed plan to Managers and Deputy Managers of Departments in District 2 Party and People’s Committee, People’s Committees of Wards and other relevant agencies as well as affected inhabitants of Thu Thiem New Urban Area.

Thu Thiem Authority